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Why i enjoyed the rumble match this year

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some people didnt like it (asides from adr winning) but i enjoyed it. this is why:

1. started great. punk, regal and bryan all in one ring was great cuz their all fun technical wrestlers. this was a very good way to start off because they are fun to watch as wrestlers, not just actors.

2. jomo. i loved how he got knocked onto the barricade and jumped back into the match. this was definitely the current extreme moment of the year. once again, jomo never fails to entertain me.

3. chavo. i loled so much when he kept trying to three amigo everyone. this was a fun moment that was good because chavo is older and not used as much but this gave him a fun moment to remember about him over the last months.

4. r-truth. got eliminated in seconds which made me happy.

5. cm punk and nexus. this was very funny and entertaining how punk and nexus wee just throwing anybody out that came in.

6. booker T. i was so happy when i heard, "can u dig it sucka?". it was okey that he came in and quickly got out because he got the crowd back into the match after nexus was eliminating everyone. after the crowd came back into it, cena came. this was done on purpose to get the crowd excited.

7. hornswoggle and cena. this was a funny part of the show that i liked. it was funny when horny AAed tyson, 5-knuckled someone and was making fun of punk, kofi, cena and sheamus.

8. kofi kingston. robin based shorts from batman were sooooooo cool.

9. dolph ziggler. i was happy when he came in and thought when he did he could have won it.

10. Diesal. Kevin fucking Nash returned.

11. santino. great how he hid outside of the ring. when he came back and cobra'd adr i thought he was going to headline mania.

12. adr. personally, i dont like his character, i think it is boring, i hope this helps it out though. glad he won though. (plus im going to smackdown this week and i cant wait for his celebration.)

13. randy orton. good way to not have him look weak plus i liked that he came into it and rkoed people.

14. the miz. loved how he eliminated cena, hoping for a miz/cena feud.

15. kane. liked how he came in last, made him look lke he could win
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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