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Why Don't We Know What The Card Is Before A PPV?

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So many threads are out there now...
"So, whats the card for Elimination Chamber?"
"Do you think there will be a U.S. Title match?"
"Will there be a Divas match on the PPV or will it be a dark match?"

Why would somebody spend 40-55 dollars on something when they don't even know what the card will be on the very day of the PPV? Does boxing do this? Does MMA do this?
No. So why does WWE?
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Time. When there were 4 PPVs a year it gave them several months to build up the feuds properly, now they have a matter of weeks to do the same thing so everything ends up being left until the last minute.

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its always good to have extra matches anyways :)
Let's say you're fine with the current card, as I highly doubt they don't TELL you what the matches THAT NIGHT are. Okay, so you're fine with it right? K so you got the PPV. Now what if they add a couple extra matches, is this going to anger you? Highly doubt it. I know sometimes they add matches AT the last minute ( I believe a Ted DiBiase vs DBryan for the US Title was one of them), but that's for filler purposes.

Now OP, I don't know exactly what PPV(s) you're referring too, but I got all of the matches plastered into my brain by hearing them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on RAW, & SD!

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People in the EC sub-forum don't know as late as today if there will be a Diva match. There was a prediction thread that had posts as late as the 16th of February.
People are still "predicting" matches on the card there when the PPV happens in hours. There shouldn't be anything to predict.
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