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Im sitting here watching a bunch of tribute videos on youtube. One thing that amazes me is that a good tribute video can make me a fan of a guy I really cant stand and the guys I do like I like even more.

The one they did for Bryan was amazing I think. They should start doing more of those.

Imagine the Shield splitting and they try getting Ambrose over as a heel and they play this


Or they try getting Orton over as a face again and play this


Or when Cena was returning and they played this I swear some fans would convert from Cena haters to Cena lovers. Hell here I am one of the biggest Cena haters and this tribute made me a fan of his for a while. If this was played a week or two before he returned he would of gotten over.


More wrestlingtributes wwe. If you associate good music to a certain wrestler you can manipulate peoples feelings and get guys over as faces or heels.
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