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Why doesnt WWE do long term storylines anymore?

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Corporate Ministry, McMahon Helmsley Era, Invasion, etc.

Not only were these some of the best storylines ever, but they included the whole roster too. Literally EVERYONE on the roster was doing something.
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Plus The Rock vs Cena is booked for next year's Mania so there is a long term storyline for you.
maybe they dont care no more or think the 12 year olds wont like it who knows
Well there is Nexus but i get what the OP is saying. I suppose the audience now would find it ''boring'', when i say audience i mean kids.
I was thinking that but the only people involved were nexus and cena. Not the whole roster. And that storyline never really accomplished anything, making it unforgettable.
They save the slow builds for stuff that they really want to put over, like the Laycool split that is on-going.
The right people can make a feud work great long term but I just don't think they've had enough faith in a feud to go long term.
Well, now you have The Rock vs John Cena storyline.
yeah, Nexus was such a storyline

and they did have the whole roster involved at some point, but it eventually led to the Top Babyface feuding with them (Cena). Same can be said for the Corporate Ministry tho, it was mostly Austin fighting them, etc

Rock vs Cena is a 1 yr build

They planted seeds towards a HHH-Taker rematch (hoping for SSLam instead of Mania tho)

2 years ago...HBK wants a rematch against Taker at WM26. That feud lasted months until the match was finally set
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