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Why Does WWE make their guys job to other athletes?

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They always going on about how "tough" wrestlers are etc, but yet if a boxer appears on WWE TV, guarentee you a wrestler is getting knocked spark out.

Why do this (i know realistically a boxer would clean a wrestlers clock with one or 2 punches)

but still, it takes credibility from their own athletes
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probably because if they are paying £1m to a boxer to come onto their programming, the boxer's contract presumably requires WWE to ensure that their portrayal of the boxer does not diminish the boxer's legit reputation or credibility....

it's just people looking out for their own egos! why would Tyson or another go into the WWF just to get knocked out by a "fake wrestler"? the press and sites like TMZ would be all over that one like a rash "How does it feel to get your ass kicked by a glorified actor?"

then their "star quality" diminishes because they're portraying themselves as a fake - on one programme they're the toughest boxer in the world, and on another they've had a fight and lost to Hornswoggle....! hardly a marketing campaign

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The celeb usually wont agree to the match unless they go over. I'd say that's why it happens.

After all, Kevin Federline holds a victory over John Cena.
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