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Why Do WWE Creative Make It Out As Brock Lesnar Being Scared?

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When Brock Lesnar came back to the WWE just before Extreme Rules, he constantly taunted and attacked the number one guy in the company who the IWC bitch as being the most unstoppable.

Yet when he attacks Triple H after Extreme Rules, the writers have to make it look cowardly and Triple H has to go on for weeks how "Lesnar is scared" and "accept the challenge Brock".

I'm sorry, but what are the creative team smoking? Why would a former UFC champion/NCAA champion be afraid of a notorious ass kisser?
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Agreed. I have no idea he's meant to look scared. Seems like another plan to get HHH over.
HHH is already over. I don't think they made him look scared. He was smiling at the top of the ramp.
im not sure why but i was pissed HHH got the better of the brawl and to have Lesnar walk away was lame.
There not making him look weak really, the smile he gave Triple H at the end was like he was saying "i'v got you where i want you now" This Lesnar run has been booked horrible from the start, but you have to make it shame like Triple H has a chance in a match against Brock.
HHH is already over. I don't think they made him look scared. He was smiling at the top of the ramp.
I'm not talking about last Raw but the weeks leading up to it they have made Brock look like a coward.

Triple H is constantly being pushed to the moon. Just look at how he owned/beat CM Punk after Summerslam and is constantly being booked as the guy to face Taker at Wrestlemania. Now they are going to poorly book Brock again and have their number two golden boy (number one in my opinion, but the IWC will argue with me saying Cena is) beat him as well.

I mean I thought Cena should have won but what's the point in adding insult to injury by making a 45 year old guy acting as the COO more and more of a badass year by year.
He was a monster until they let Cena go over on him.
im not sure why but i was pissed HHH got the better of the brawl and to have Lesnar walk away was lame.
Me too. I am so tired of HHH putting himself over all the time.
I wasnt given the impression Brock was scared I thought he was more shocked that Triple H got the better of him...
It's been part of Lesnar's character since his first run; I remember that he played up being scared of both Bill Goldberg and Hardcore Holly, and to a lesser degree Chris Benoit. It's just their way of making him more contemptible. Plus, it fits the whole 'running away when things don't go his way' schtick.
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im not sure why but i was pissed HHH got the better of the brawl and to have Lesnar walk away was lame.
Yeah me too man. I guess it's still real to me or something. I've allways been a fan of lesner so i guess that's a big reason. I do get the feeling lesnar wasn't to happy about it either and triple h did look a bit concerned when lesnar was staring him down

I am probably looking to much into it but i kinda hope lesnar goes off the rails and this whole thing brakes down big time. I want this to be more like a war than a wrestling match. It's the p.g era but mark henry got away with some crazy stuff. Breaking peoples legs ect so it's possible.
The timing of this thing has been hilarious. Lesnar came out and had the same brawl he had last time he appeared. Then they're talking about it as if were all supposed to be at the edge of our seats. They lost every ounce of momentum by dragging it out and having the same back and forth segments sprinkled with a few brawls here and there. Is this what's accepted as a build up in today's standards? If so, this shows the sad state of creative.

The booking in this feud has been all over the place. At least Lesnar looked in better shape/appeared to sell better.
It's one of two things:

1. Brock is only being used on limited dates because he is a tool.
2. Brock didn't want to be used on non-important dates because he is a tool.
Lesnar was brought back to draw buyrates and put over WWE's top guys, meaning Cena, Trips, and eventually Taker. Neither 3 need a victory over Lesnar, nor does one really do anything for them, but this is WWE we're talking about.
Sure none of the top guys need a win against Lesnar but yeah I think he's gonna draw well for a PPV or two but if he starts losing all the time then he'll be downgraded to Jack Swagger LOL.
They're booking HHH strong at the expense of Lesnar. Simple. They already ruined Brock's drawing and star power big time, now it's just the obvious attempts during promos and brawls like that Heyman/Stephanie promo. This brawl looked even more ridiculous because Brock is in awesome shape now.
Given the size and the ufc stuff he wouldnt be scared of hhh but meh whatever

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Lesnar got the best of HHH in the first segment, HHH got the better of Lesnar in the second segment..

This procedure will continue in the hype to SummerSlam..

One thing I hope for also: More Heyman!

Well looking forward to SS now Lesnar Trips is confirmed.
It's pretty simple really, they're going one of 2 ways here:

1) Brock wins.
2) HHH wins.

Scenario 1, you tell the story by letting HHH have the slight upper hand in the run up to the show, this way it continues to look even with HHH having the edge. Then when Lesnar beats him at the PPV everyone still looks good because they've both had their times to shine. On Raw they told a story of Lesnar not bothered about fighting and HHH being really up for it. So when Lesnar went in there, he was surprised at how strong HHH was which made him back off so he could recuperate, have a think and come back better next time.

Scenario 2 is one where they've brought Lesnar back short-term to pop a few ratings and they want to have him lose to all the top guys on the roster to make them look better. HHH being master of the (WWE) universe, he's just going to dominate him all the way through the feud and send him off to get beat by the next guy. The big gaps in between appearances by Lesnar is good if they do this because we begin to forget that he's on a losing streak.
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