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Why do they HAVE to repeat everything?

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Recently I noticed that WWE tries to ruin every good idea by mindlessly repeating it.
  • Stone Cold and Rock meet at Wrestlemania and have a short talk oozing with mutual respect. Well, we liked it, so the next night we get a meeting of Stone Cold and Trips oozing with mutual respect.
  • Cole interrupts a Diva’s match (I still think it was improvised, to wake up the dead crowd.) It worked, so next times Cole interrupted a Diva’s match in the same way again.
  • Morrison does an insane spot in a rumble match to keep his feet off the floor (I think you remeber that), so the next week they have him do several kinds of weird stunts to keep his feet off the floor.
  • Somebody must have liked Peewee after all, because they repeated that as well. And the Miz girl reappeared too much as well. (I admit it was cute the first time, but later :no:)
There’s a ton of other examples, but you get the point. Why do they have to take memorable things and ride them to death? If they happened spontaneously in the first place, they are obviously scripted the next time and that kills them. Leave things lie, for god’s sake!
Also there are things that are half embarrassing and half brilliant. In repetition they are only embarrassing. And certainly not original any more. Can’t Creative see that? Are they that much in want of ideas?
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You have The Rock and Stone Cold, who headlined 3 Wrestlemania's, pass eachother by at Wrestlemania.
Makes perfect sense and is nice for the fans. People bitch about everything these days. :no:
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