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Why Do Piper & Hogan Have Heat?

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Just read a Tweet from Punk:

@R_Roddy_Piper I rather jump out a plane with no backpack than to have u shoot on me. i still remember when hogan n eric got 2 c it up front
Just wondering what the beef is between the two?
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Hogan always took the spotlight from guys like Piper and Savage. He couldn't help himself with Bret Hart as well.
I rememeber that wrestlemania where he took the belt at the end for no reason, why did vince let him do that? lol
Hahaha, not sure man. Hogan just craves the spotlight and he can't let go. He still gets tattoos like he is 20 or something, it's pathetic.

I think that may have been the Mania where Savage won the title in that Tournament? Hogan came down to help or something.

I guess Vince couldn't say much about it due to Hogan being such a massive draw but hey, thats Hogan for you.
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1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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