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Why do people watch TNA these days?

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I'm not posting this as a means to troll or anything if the title sounded a little like that.

I stopped watching TNA around the time Bound For Glory was coming up so that must have been around October time I think. Have I missed much? Is the whole Fortune/Immortal thing really good? Is TNA pushing younger guys alot more? Is the X Division still alive? etc Basically how is do you think TNA is at the moment?

The main reason I stopped watching was mainly due to the ridiculous stuff with Jarrett issuing MMA challenges, 'killing' Samoa Joe etc. Also this whole EV2 thing got on my nerves a bit.

What I did like when I was watching was MCMG's/Beer Money excellent tag-matches in what I believe was some kind of best-of series if I remember correctly? I also remember Lethal and Flair's promos together, the way Flair would go red like a tomato, rip of yet another perfectly good jacket and proceed to elbow drop it followed by a hissy-fit on the floor like a toddler in a supermarket had me in stitches.

So what I'm basically asking is what TNA is like these days? Do you like it? Why? Have I missed much? What are the knockout's like now? How is Hardy doing as a heel? etc

What do you think of TNA right now and why do you watch it?
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TNA is very focused on the Younger Guys and Homegrown talent. Fortune is the top face stable and the X Division is having a tournament of sorts to determine the number one contenders for the X title.
It's great to see AJ finally be the top guy again, although I don't expect to last very long.

What's the deal with Flair, Bischoff, Jarrett, Hogan? Are they even on T.V alot these days?
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