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Did they really have to build Ambrose up and have him reach the final only to lose to Reigns?

Owens vs Reigns would have been a better option. They could have done a cool swerve at the end where Owens attacked Reigns which insinuated Sheamus's cash in. Owens joins the authority along with Sheamus and the authority have all the gold.

Then you have Reigns going after the WWEWHC and Ambrose going after the IC championship. Both Reigns and Ambrose trying to topple the authority for good.

Would be much easier to invest into than this crap with Rusev.

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It worked out the way it should have. I just wish Reigns/Ambrose would have turned out good instead of just half of a match.

Besides, a bunch of Reigns haters would just be going on about how he pinned the IC Champion and how it makes Owens looks bad.
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