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This is not so much a Cena hate thread as it just me calling a spade a spade. If they had the Slammy Awards back in 2005 and 2007, I would most definitely think Cena would have been the most appropriate choice. 2010 however? I'm just not feeling it. In kayfabe terms, here is why:

#1 He lost the title just like that after winning it at Elimination Chamber.
#2 He had his annual reign but others had multiple reigns.
#3 He had just one reign in 2010 and I don't think his one single reign was noteworthy enough to win the award.
#4 He was "fired"
#5 He didn't win the Rumble, he lost at the Chamber, he lost at Fatal Four Way, he lost at Money in the Bank, he lost to Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell.
#6 Other superstars had bigger years.

It makes me wonder why Edge was a nominee for superstar of the year that year. He won the Rumble, that was it.

#1 Did he win the title at Mania? No.
#2 Did he win the title at Fatal Four Way? No.
#3 Did he win the Six Pack challenge? No.
#4 He fought Orton to a double count out at Extreme Rules.
#5 He was in the RAW Money in the Bank match. Did he win that? No.
#6 He fought Kane to a draw for the WHC at Survivor Series.
#7 He finally won at TLC, after the Slammy Awards were in I believe.

I think the Superstar of the Year Award is a four horse race between The Miz, Kane, Sheamus and Randy Orton with the first three in particular.

The Miz would have been my choice. Here is why.

#1 Cut one of the best promos of 2010 that is very significant.
#2 He held the tag titles and U.S. title at once.
#3 He won at Wrestlemania
#4 He managed to keep on to the U.S. title until May and then won it back a month later and held it until September.
#5 The Miz was in very many segments to establish himself as WWE's king of the midcard and was in important segments too.
#6 He won the RAW Money in the Bank.
#7 Unlike other Money in the Bank winners, he won the WWE Championship in what was an actual match and suspended my belief and made me think Orton could win, considering how white hot Orton was.

Let's review:
WWE Champion
US Champion (twice)
Tag Team Champion
Money in the Bank winner
Wrestlemania Victory

Yet somehow he is not the superstar of the year for 2010?

Sheamus is another one who has a really good argument.

#1 Entered the year as WWE Champion
#2 Had a match with HHH at Wrestlemania. The next two years HHH fought the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. For Sheamus to feud with somebody at Wrestlemania in his Wrestlemania debut like that is fantastic.
#3 Unlike other champions, he was persistent and kept it up. He established himself as a ruthless threat again who took out other people on the roster with his pipe, such as HHH from behind shortly after Wrestlemania.
#4 He put HHH on the shelf until 2/21/11
#5 He then regained the WWE Championship at Fatal Four Way, holding it until Night of Champions when he dropped it.
#6 He won the King of the Ring tournament.

Let's review:
Two time WWE Champion
Badly injures a true legend in the business and has a match with him at Wrestlemania
Wins the King of the Ring

Yet somehow he wasn't even nominated and Edge was? Say what?

#1 He won the Money in the Bank
#2 Won the title off of a red hot Mysterio
#3 He held the title from July-December and was amazing with it.
#4 The man cut some of the very best promos in the company while champion.
#5 He got the upper hand on the Undertaker in what I believe was the greatest storyline of 2010. It had everything. He went over the Undertaker for the title on three straight PPV's, one of them in which he closed out the show.

Yet he didn't win Superstar of the Year even though he had a huge argument.

Then, Randy Orton, who I believe had a bigger argument than Cena did.

#1 He was red hot the entire year with his face turn.
#2 He RKO'ed everybody in sight.
#3 He was in the title picture for most of the year even though Cena "left" it after Money in the Bank to focus on Nexus.
#4 He got enormous pops and reactions.

I think he was higher up than Cena was that year.

So please do not take this as an Anti-Cena thread but more of me posting what I wholeheartedly believe is nothing but the truth.
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