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Many people has regarded the call of duty franchise as a very generig FPS franchise with apparently the same storyline over and over again, or more simple “the generic shooter”, and with good reason, Call of duty is one of many FPS franchises with the same objectives, same storylines apparently, and a bit of the same

Me myself, i’m not too fan of FPS games for the same reason, they’re too generic, if you played an FPS you played them all, so, what’s special about this specific game? what made me, a common gamer like Black Ops so much? well, here are my reasons:

1.- The Plot forced me to use my brain to understand it

-Yep, if there’s something i love about a videogame is when it forces me to reason and find an answer to something i don’t understand, or to solve a mistery in the plot, Black Ops is filled with it, it’s the kind of game where you don’t want to skip the cutscenes and you want to pay full attention to them, becuase if you miss a single detail, you will be lost and will not understand the plot completely.

2.- They made me care about the characters

-I know Modern warfare 2 did it best to make us care about Soap and Price, but it was hard for me to truly care about them when each mission didn’t bother telling me who i was playing as or why should i feel bad about someone, and i say that for the guy you play as in the airport mission, i know i should have played Modern warfare 1, but if there’s something a game should be able to do, is make you care about the guy you play as and your allies, even if you didn’t play the previous installment.

Black ops showed some returning characters from previous games, and even though i didn’t knew them at first, they explained me all what i needed to know to give a damn and to feel bad when i saw their final fate, they also allowed us to know and understand the protagonists

3.- The plot was more deep and actually more enjoyable

-Don’t take me wrong, i liked Modern warfare 2, but the story wasn’t so good, everything you fight for in the game is only so a traitor can bathe himself in some glory, honestly, everything that happens is orchestrated so the responsible of it gets to extinguish the “controlled fire” and become a hero, black ops was this huge conspiracy to not only kill a man, but also to bring down an entire nation(wont give details so i wont spoil you), it was more deep and more exciting to grasp becaus you didn’t know what’s going on at first, yes, there are cliches in it, but tell me, what game doesn’t have?

4.- Most important of all: AVOID SPOILERS AT ALL COSTS

0 forums, 0 wikipedia, 0 walkthroughs, 0 youtube, i had the hardest days i could ever have as a gamer, and i tell you what… I LOVED IT, i didn’t know what to expect, i jumped into the adventure not knowing what was going to happen, i wanted to enjoy every single minute of the campaign mode, and guess what, it was worth it, next time you guys play a new release of a game, avoid spoilers, trust me, you will enjoy your experience that way

5.- Played it for fun

-Something basic that is sadly being thrown away by the newest generations of consoles and gamers, playing for the fun of it, i didn’t play to get all the achievements/trophies, i didn’t play to mess up and find whatever dumb glitch the game had and that would be mostly my fault in the end, nope, i played for pure fun, for the first time in years i felt that awesome feeling you get when you play a game for mere fun, not for competition, just some healthy fun

So there you have it, it’s my humble opinion, i keep it brief to avoid spoilers, because i’m sure there are plenty of people out there who haven’t reached a certain part, or are leaving the campaign mode for some time after playing online, guys i tell ya, try to play a new game in this way, and i’m sure there wouldn’t be so much criticizm or blind fanboyism, at least not at such ridiculous levels.

Thanks for reading =)
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