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Chris Jericho returned to WWE with one of the more intriguing angles we have seen in quite some time. The "It Begins" videos had people guessing as to who they were for in the months prior to Jericho coming back to WWE.

Fans speculated that they were either signalling the return of The Undertaker, Chris Jericho or the first WWE appearance of Sting.

Chris Jericho ended up being the man behind the mayhem, and he returned with the support of a crowd heavily behind the future Hall of Famer.

After his initial introduction and his refusal to speak, we all started to wonder what his end-game was with this return, and eventually we got our answer.

Jericho made CM Punk his primary target after Punk had taken to claiming that he was the best wrestler in the world. Jericho took exception to this, as he considered himself the best in the world at what he does.

The two have had several encounters and put on a great match at WrestleMania, but taking the quality of his matches out of the equation I have to believe that this has been Jericho's worst run so far.

This is not necessarily Jericho's fault. He is being given material to work with from the creative team that has not been as good as the man performing it.

The angle where Jericho refused to speak got old quick, and eventually he was no longer getting the face reaction he had returned to. Once he began to speak, there seemed to be some hope, but lately I am starting to wonder if they are even trying.
The angle between Punk and Jericho involving his family has been made into a bigger deal than it ever should have been. Considering this is the focal point of the feud, I have to question why the WWE title is even in the mix.

It seems as if this is no longer a feud over a title, but rather a personal rivalry. This could all eventually be explained away as Jericho's mind games taking Punk's focus away from the title so he can steal it, but I am not so sure this will be the case.

I have to give Punk and Jericho credit for selling the angle with Jericho bringing Punk's family into it. But when you look at what has been said, it really is not grounds for what is being made into a very personal feud.

Here are the things Jericho has brought up: Punk's father being an alcoholic, Punk's sister being a drug addict and Punk's mother having him before she was married.

Punk says his father has gotten over his problem, his parents were married when he was born and his sister never had a drug problem.

Maybe I am alone on this and everyone else thinks it is an amazing feud, but to me, the only saving grace is that it is Punk and Jericho and not two guys who I do not care about.

Again, I am not blaming Jericho for any of this. He is a rare talent who has been able to do everything in WWE he has ever tried to do.

I blame the people behind the couple of angles Jericho has been saddled with since his return for this being his least interesting run in WWE.

Chris Jericho deserves better than a feud that seems a bit lazy to me.

I am sure some of you will disagree with me, so please feel free to share your thoughts on the matter below.

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I agree the alcohol stuff could very well be used in a non-title feud, but not all (or probably most) world title feuds revolve around just the title and the title only. There is usually some sort of bad blood that goes with it and makes it personal. I don't mind the family stuff personally.

I do agree that Jericho's return hasn't been overall great. Hyping up his return as a "It Begins" sort of promo that seemed like it was promising something bigger than just Jericho returning was a desperate attempt to get attention and ratings. I also feel he should have scored some big win somewhere to gain some sort of momentum against Punk in this feud (i.e Rumble victory.)
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