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Comparing Olympia with Mania is funny. Olympic games are once in 4 years and there are no story lines. So doesnt make just a little sense to try and compare.

Generally I dont get what specifically changes for you, as a viewer? you have the chance not to watch Mania, if you hate it so much that they cant postpone then dont fucking watch. And where would you postpone it to? Summer Slam? When it is not even sure if this will take place? What about the storylines? "Keeping them for a year"? Did you not watch WWE? After WM new storylines will happen and it is not possible just to stop everything for a year.

And honestly I am very happy that there is some sort of entertainment at the moment, when there is nothing else to do.

So just dont suffer through Gronkmania so it basically is a postponed one for you and you can be sure that there will be matches involving Brock/Taker/Goldberg next year, so you wont miss anything, just fucking stop bitching about it, like your opinion counts...

Sorry to be so rude, but this is like the 42352462347347636 thread about "ThEy ShOuLd HaVe PoStPoNeD mAnIa"
21 - 22 of 22 Posts