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Why Can't Nexus Just Die?!

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Seriously. The group's momentum was crushed all the way back at TLC and it hasn't recovered since. They did a good job letting Orton clean up the mess and free up CM Punk, but why are they bothering bringing these guys back? They will never go anywhere while being portrayed as incompetent lackeys anyway so they won't get anything out of this, so if they want anything for Mason Ryan or anyone else why not just re-debut them and forget about this joke of a group once and for all?
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Because as talentless as they are, Michael McGillicutty is the son of Mr. Perfect and David Otunga is banging Jennifer Hudson. That's why.
Original Nexus was very good, Corre is better, the new nexus extremely sucks!

I totally agree with u..why would they bring them back after orton have destroyed the whole group and freed CM punk..or they just can't make punk live without a team like SES
Was considering making a thread similar to this. When Orton punted each member of the New Nexus, I figured they'd all disappear for a few months, then periodically they'd "re-debut" each guy as their own specifc character. But no. Nexus must continue on.
They really need to cut their losses and just combine the Corre and Nexus, and let Punk lead and let Barrett be on his own. Both stables aren't really doing any thing of importance. Barrett needs to really do his own thing for awhile.
Didn't Punk throw them under the bus last week, or the week before?

I wonder if they attack Punk?
Why can't Nexus die?

Because in Vince McMahon's head, no crediblity means a lot of crediblity and buried means building momentum.
Last night really surprised me. Nexus is the reason I started watching RAW again after 7 years so I'm kinda glad they are back. However, I want to see Nexus stop getting their asses kicked and defanged by Orton. I want to see this faction grow again, fester and take over RAW. I want to see Nexus vs Corre and Barrett return as the true leader.

Barrett complained last night that the equality role in Corre wasn't working out either since everyone in the group was not pulling their weight. It sounded like Barrett wanted to return to a task master role. Maybe he could out Punk as the leader. They could still make something exciting out of Nexus! It certainly is LAZY creative writing to not be able to create a stable heel fued and keep it going. Hell in the 80s, I watched the Von Erichs against the nasty Fabulous Freebirds carry that fued on for years, and it was always fun! Funny saying that seeing as Michael Hayes is a head creative writer for WWE. lol
Joe Henning has potential in him, will he ever be a World champ or main eventer? Hell no. However, think he has the potential to be a solid midcarder in a couple years.

Mason Ryan I am unsure of. He has the look but is still extremely green. Give him about a year, see how much he improves and then i'll have a more concrete opinion on him, that is if they keep him around.

David Otunga, besides being Jennifer Hudsons husband... I really don't know why the WWE wants to keep the guy. His charisma is bland, he sucks on the mic and he's horrible in the ring.

Bringing back Ryan is fine, and the guy is going to stick around for a while regardless. However, if they had to of brought back the Nexus, they should have had Tarver (is ready to come back but got sent back down to FCW) and Sheffield (has to be ready to come back by now i'd imagine)take Henning and Otunga's spot.

Imagine Punk being protected by Michael Tarver, Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield....now THAT is an intiminating group that could easily make themselves relevant.
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