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Who's Immunity From The Shovel?

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which person is immunity from the shovel? one prime example is Daniel Bryan, over the years Bryan got push around and doing stupid stuff... the more WWE bury him the more negative reaction WWE get and whoever the babyface he face will get boos. what ever WWE give him turn into gold.

can i say Sandow? he's only guy that get best heel reaction, you can push him around but due to his mic work Sandow will able to climb back easily. If you want to bury him then don't let him on the MIC...

what about in the past?
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Honestly, if most of the IWC had their way when it came to booking stuff, every single PPV would be just their favourites battling for the title ... and they would be perfectly ok with 10 guys in the main event and only 1 match on the card.

Since this year's mania at least I have not gotten the impression that the WWE is trying to bury anyone on purpose. There's a lot of guys that just didn't make it big or as big as they thought they could be.

Anyways, as for the thread, I don't think anyone is immune from the shovel. Why is Jericho not on TV right now? Because he feels like his character and direction is not worth returning for .. that is a "burial" of sorts. RVD has been in shit programs even though he's on TV. Rey Mysterio can be said to have gotten the shovel. Big Show was filmed dancing in a diaper ffs. Ryback was made to look like Punk's bitch and buried by Heyman .. It wasn't even done on screen. It was done in a none televised live event or something.

The WWE temporarily punishes everyone for something or the other - and I really don't think anyone is immune from it at all. No matter who it is.
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I dunno why people are saying that even HHH is immune from the burial. Just wait till he crosses Steph and/or Vince IRL. Men that marry into money are never immune from being tossed out on the curb the minute they cross that proverbial line that keeps others happy.
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