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Who's Immunity From The Shovel?

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which person is immunity from the shovel? one prime example is Daniel Bryan, over the years Bryan got push around and doing stupid stuff... the more WWE bury him the more negative reaction WWE get and whoever the babyface he face will get boos. what ever WWE give him turn into gold.

can i say Sandow? he's only guy that get best heel reaction, you can push him around but due to his mic work Sandow will able to climb back easily. If you want to bury him then don't let him on the MIC...

what about in the past?
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If you think the segment with Hugh Jackman was a burial, then I got some bad news for you: you don't know what burying a wrestling means. (and this isn't directed at you OP, as I read what you said)

Someone, SOMEONE, ANY WRESTLER, had to go out and get beat up by Jackman. Someone had to go out and lose. That's how wrestling is supposed to work, a winner and a loser. So if Sandow was chosen to go out and make Hugh Jackman, WOLVERINE, look good, that's not a burial. Jackman isn't even a wrestler. This segment is already forgotten by the end of the night by everyone who is not a user on this fourm.

Sandow is lucky to have had that segment last night. He was getting paid to go out and look like a fool and make Jackman look good. And he did that very well. That's not getting buried.

He was buried against Cena during the MITB cash in however. All he had to do was cash in and lose, but WWE decided to put every possible angle against Cena and still have him win. That was a burial. Sandow was paid to make Cena look good, but not Jesus Christ in jorts.
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