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I'm not going to this but wanted to go, the last MSG House Show I went to was during the summer and it was a really good show. Afterwards I saw Miz, Maryse and Evan Bourne leaving together.

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not me i dont live in NY

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I'll be there. Can't wait for Piper's Pit.

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just got back it was an amazing show, considering the weather it was a good crowd!! Cole was hilarious. I had seats up in the nose bleeds but snuck down towards the bottom! Had a great time.. Great show here is a recap I got from another site.

Here is a recap of the WWE RAW House Show at Madison Square Garden.

First Match: Battle Royal For A Shot at Daniel Bryan's US Title Later That Night

The participants were Mark Henry, Santino Marella, Primo Colon, Alex Riley, Zack Ryder, Vladimir Koslov, Darren Young, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Michael McGillicutty, David Otunga, David Hart Smith (I think a few more, but I can't remember). Santino was the crowd favorite. The final four were Henry, Ryder, and the 2 Nexus members. Henry eliminated Otunga. When Henry went to eliminate Michael, Ryder came from behind and eliminated both of them. Ryder then cut a promo saying that it was his first match at MSG and he won, and he would win the US title later on.

Winner: Zach Ryder.

The RAW GM "alarm" went off, and Michael Cole came out. He read the "email" (this was quite funny since the laptop had a black screen since it was OFF...I guess Michael Cole is the GM since you clearly could see the laptop off, but Cole made the announcement). Cole announced that the RAW GM made someone the special guest host....MICHAEL COLE.

Second Match: Tyson Kidd vs. David Hart Smith

This was a good back and forth match. The fought for about 9 minutes. Smith went for the Sharpshooter at one point. Kidd didn't let him apply it, and then Kidd went for an attempt and put Smith in the Sharpshooter. Kidd won the match with a roll up.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Third Match: Melina and Maryse vs. The Bella Twins.

Eve came out and picked a fan as the special time keeper. Nunzio (aka Little Guido) was the referee for the divas tag match. The divas wore Christmas outfits. Maryse and Melina dominated on one of the Bellas for the majority of the match. After the other Bella was tagged in, they dominated and got the pin on Melina for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Fourth Match: Santino and Vladimir vs. Justin Gabriel and Husky Harris

Before the match the RAW GM had an announcement. Michael Cole read (the laptop was on this time) that there would be a dance off. Santino and Vladimir did a dance routine, which got a great ovation. When it was time for Nexus to dance, they attacked Santino and Vladimir. The match was kinda even, with Nexus dominating part of it, and the tag champs dominating as well. Santino picked up the victory after nailing the Cobra on Gabriel.

Winners: Santino and Vladmir

Segment : Piper's Pit

Roddy Piper came out to a huge ovation. He talked about how the last time you saw him he was telling Cena to do the "right thing". He said Cena did the right thing and got fired. But then he got re-hired, and he said how that was a Christmas story in itself. He had the 50 Greatest Wrestlers dvd in his hand, and said if we knew who number 23 was? He said number 23 was Hulk Hogan. Then he said if we knew who number 10 was? He said number 10 was himself. He goes on to say Shawn was number 1, Undertaker was number 2, Bret Hart was number 4, and I think The Rock was number 5. He said that his guest tonight was not on that list. He said his guest was probably number 51. His guest was Tito Santana. Tito came out and when Piper gave him the mic, we couldn't really understand clearly what Tito was saying. Piper says "I guess English is your second language". They both traded remarks, and Piper said he never fought Tito in MSG.

The RAW GM had an announcement, and Cole read that the GM wants the two of them to leave the ring. Piper tells Cole "who are you??" and asks "why are you interrupting me?". I forgot the exact wording, but the "GM" called them has-beens or something to that effect. Piper said he wants the GM to come out and tell them to leave in person. The GM sends out the Usos to escort the 2 out of the ring. Piper and Tito attack and throw the Usos out of the ring. They celebrate a little and Piper wished us all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before leaving.

Fifth Match: The Miz with Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton

The Miz came out with Riley. Riley normally carries the MITB red briefcase. Tonight he came out with a silver briefcase. The Miz insults NYC, saying how he is champ, and that the New York Yankees only buys their championships. At one point he approaches a small kid outside the ring wearing an Orton shirt and asks the kid what he thinks. Before the kid can say what he thinks, The Miz pulls away the microphone and says he doesn't care what the kid thinks.

After his promo, Orton comes out. The match went back and forth. Each man dominated the other for about half the match. At one point Orton hit the Lou Thez press on The Miz. Riley took a few shots at Orton. When Orton went for the RKO, Riley jumped on the apron. Orton attacked him, and then The Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale. Orton tried to escape, and the ref got knocked down. Riley then jumped into the ring and went to attack Orton. Miz came from behind and hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Sixth Match: Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley

The GM had another announcement. Cole read that The Miz had to leave ringside or he would be suspended. It would now be Orton vs. Riley in a No DQ match. This was about a 2-3 minute squash match with Orton hitting the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

At this point there was an intermission.

Seventh Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Zach Ryder

This was about a 2 minute squash match ending with Danielson applying the La Belle Lock and getting the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Eighth Match: King Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Sheamus cut a promo saying how NYC was built by the immigrants like the Irish. He said that those Irish were cowards for escaping Ireland and coming to America when times got tough. He is not related to those Irish. He is related to those who stayed back and were not cowards. Morrison came out and said he wanted there match to be a NYC Street Fight. Sheamus dominated early on, and brought the first weapon into play, and kendo stick. He used it on Morrison, but Morrison was able to get it and use it on Sheamus. Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Sheamus put up his knees and blocked it. Sheamus then brought a chair into the ring. He attempted to do the Celtic Cross on Morrison through the chair. Morrison got out and put Sheamus into a seated position on the chair. I forgot the name of the move, but Morrison kinda did a kick finisher on Sheamus while he was sitting on the chair to get the win.

Winner: John Morrison

Ninth Match: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett in a Steel Cage Match

The ring crew put the cage together, and Wade was the first one to the ring. The GM had an announcement and Cole read that if anyone from Nexus came out, Wade would be suspended. Cena came out next. You could win by pinfall, submission, or by escape. Barrett dominated early on, making a few escape attempts. Cena came back, but tried to climb out of the cage. At one point Wade was outside the cage, but Cena pulled him back in. Barrett hit his finisher, but Cena kicked out. Cena nailed his finisher and Barrett kicked out. Barrett tired once more to climb out, and this time Cena hit his finisher while he stood on the second rope (Barrett was hanging over the cage), and Cena got the pinfall victory.

Winner: John Cena

Cena then took the microphone and complemented New York City. He said that even though there was a snowstorm the fans came out. He also said that he hopes Vince hears this and said that WrestleMania needs to come back here.

Overall it was a good show. There was about one and a half/two feet of snow outside of MSG when I was exiting.

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At one point he approaches a small kid outside the ring wearing an Orton shirt and asks the kid what he thinks. Before the kid can say what he thinks, The Miz pulls away the microphone and says he doesn't care what the kid thinks.
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