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Who would you book as "Kurt Angle's They" in TNA

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For me I would have went with Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas. I mean it's an obvious choice. I would program them with Beer Money.
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Benjamin and Haas would have been the obvious choice, Someone earlier tried to point out that they were already taken as they were with ROH which isn't really true as first they're not under contract to ROH, they're on PPA deals and secondly Christopher Daniels a guy ROH had under contract has just returned to TNA so ROH contracts don't mean shit.

The Angle, Haas, Benjamin, Steiner thing could have worked as all four are standout Ameteur wrestlers and that aspect could have been played up.

Maybe even talk Lashley into some kind of return as he also has a standout ameteur background and could add to the deal assuming you could make a deal with him.

I know Lashley is doing MMA but he was during his previous TNA run also so that wouldn't be a problem.
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