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Who would you book as "Kurt Angle's They" in TNA

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For me I would have went with Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas. I mean it's an obvious choice. I would program them with Beer Money.
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I've been saying Haas and Benjamin should have been in TNA months ago to reform Team Angle. Or, in TNA's case the "Angle Alliance".

Maybe still have A.J. turn on Immortal and leaving Fourtune, and maybe bring back Christopher Daniels.

That way, the guys who were great heels in Fourtune, Kaz and Beer Money could stay heel. Maybe bring in someone like Desmond Wolfe or Hernandez to take A.J.'s place.

That way, you could have WGTT feuding with Beer Money for the belts. A.J. feuding with Desmond would bring about some great matches.

Then, maybe Daniels would feud with Kaz for the X Division title. Although, I'd probably prefer Kaz feuding with Chris Sabin.
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