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I don't know. I don't really see any big "winning" combination here, to be honest.

I mean, it would be great to see Benjamin and Haas enter the TNA fray. I'd particularly be interested in seeing them compete in the tag division against the likes of the Guns, Beer Money, and Gen Me. They could really tear down the house on a number of cards for the next few months.

Beyond that, I just don't know. Steiner always plays the colorful character card well enough, but I don't know how well that meshes with Angle's current persona. I mean, Angle is supposed to be Mr. Intensity. He's the uber-athlete. The Wrestling Machine. The guy to out-maneuver Jarrett in the MMA game.

But it sort of diminishes his intensity when he's standing next to Mr. Testosterone himself, Scotty Steiner. I'm a huge fan of Poppa Pump, but I don't think the placement of him at Angle's side is what's best at the moment. If anything, I'd like to see him as the lone loose cannon. He did the "Hitman" routine for the Main Event Mafia well enough, but that's a different role altogether.

If anything, it'd make more sense for him to be Jarrett's muscle. In all honesty though, I'd like to see him side with Pope.

As for Kurt's stable? Benji, Haas, and Davey fucking Richards would be ace. But that's practically fantasy booking. So, in reality, I don't see anyone being a "perfect" fit - barring the idea of TNA signing Benji and Haas to contracts.

Morgan, Steiner, and all the like just don't fit that well, in my eyes. Of course, that's why we debate & discuss these things. We all have different ideas & expectations.
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