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Who would win this epic match between these two legends of the Attitude Era?

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Mr Boob
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Val all day. Disco fucking sucks, always sucked. Fucking geek.

Say aren't they both pretty much unhinged lunatics currently? Not sure about Disco, but I think Val fell into the conspiracy trash.

Pity. it's shocking what that garbage can do to a person.

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Disco Inferno vs. Val Venis
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Tale of the Tape
Disco Inferno
From: Brooklyn, New York
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Finisher: Chart Buster
Special Attributes/Abilities: Great disco dancer

Val Venis

From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 6'3"
Length: 9"
Weight: 244 lbs.
Finisher: Money Shot
Special Attributes/Abilities: Plenty of stamina
This pretty much answers the question. I'm not sure now Val can defeat Disco, given his special abilities

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