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well....if i had ne control over use of talent..and to whom i would give the championships to..it would look as of such:

WWE Champion : John Cena (for his energy and fan response)
Would lose to either: Undertaker, Big Show, or Eddie Guerrero. But i would rather have Undertaker have the Championship,to build up a future Big Show vs. Undertaker.

World Champion: Batista (once again for his fan response and hype)
Would lose to either: Edge, or Chris Jericho. But i would give the belt to Edge, and then incorporate HHH into the mix. and finish it off with a triple threat match. and then give the belt back to HHH.

Itercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin
Would lose to either: Christian or Hurricane. I would love to give the title to Hurricane. as he deserves it for his talent and mic work. but i would make him lose the super hero gimmick. and call him "Hurricane" Shane Helms. then after Hurricane holds it. i will then throw in Christian.

US Champion: Orlando Jordan
Would lose to either: Booker T. or Mark Jindrak. I would most likely give it to Mark Jindrak. as he has great in ring talent. but only shows it off when in high profile matches. but i believe him and Booker T would pull off an intense and well fought rivalry.

Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London
Would Lose to either : Chavo Guerrero or Nunzio. I woudl love to have fun with this. as Nunzio is a great talent who is underused. and Chavo is another great talent. what i will do here is have London lose to Nunzio to further in depth the Nunzio - London rivalry. and throw in Chavo to make it more intense.

World Tag Team Champs: William Regal + Tajiri
Would lose to either : Rockers or Simon Dean and Maven. i would love to give ti to the Rockers as it is guranteed i would gain more fan response and ratings. and then i would start it off with a Rockers vs. Dean and Maven rivalry to try and spark up some respect for this division.

WWE Tag-Team Champions: Eddie Guerrero + Rey Mysterio
Would Lose to either : Basham Bros or Dudley's. i would most likely give it to the Dudleys for the simple fact they are the Road Warriors. the The Smoking Gunns of this generation. and then incorporate the Bashams to start up some respect for this division.

Womens Champion: Trish Stratus
Would Lose to either : Victoria or Molly Holly. i would try and see how Molly goes over. as she gives 110% when she is headlined and used properly. then take Trish and use her for some other feud to build up the womens division. and give Molly vs. Victoria for awhile.

I based these matches due to current events. but added my own stipulations and what i think would work changes. courtesy of the IronBull..

"See the truth and rage through the Bulls Eye"
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