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who would be interested in doing some WF NFL/NBA drafts?

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to break the monotony of the section, i thought i'd set up some drafts.

Looking to hit on the two most popular (American) sports in the section: NFL and NBA. (I might do a Prem League one day)

This one will be straight forward. Just pick the best team you possibly can with current players. Then I'll either create a poll where everyone can vote, or I'll assemble a committee that can vote on the best team.

I'm still thinking about the details, but I'm just curious how many would be interested in doing this.

If you are you, here is what I want to know;

Which draft: NFL, NBA, or both

Would you like to be a drafter, or a judge. or if there are too many drafters, you'd be willing to judge. one of these three.
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basically for the hell of it, i figured we'd just try a basic draft. every current nfl player would be available, and the drafters would pick to the best possible team.

for the NBA, full roster of 11 players. For NFL I was thinking: Head Coach - QB - RB - RB - WR - WR - TE - OL - OL - OL /// DL - DL - DL - DL/LB - LB - LB - LB - CB - CB - S - S

I wanted to do the basic draft because it's the first draft. Then later we could do some themes. Like players who played in 80s, 90s, players who went to certain conferences only, etc.

winner of each draft gets a custom usertitle or an username change.
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