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Who will be the Wrestlemania 27 announce team?

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With the confirmed Cole v King match last night on RAW another mystery has arisen - who will be behind the booth for Wrestlemania 27?

The only lock appears to be Bookaaaaah as the babyface colour commentator - who will join him? Vince seems to be totally off JR so I'm not expecting him to be asked to do play-by-play leaving Josh Matthews and Grisham for that position. I would bank on it being a 3 man team as well so someone else needs to be there too - who?

The other option is obviously to leave King v Cole until the spot before the main event and leave Cole out there all night calling (which I'm not a fan of as it states the match as less important than his commentating) until required.

So who will it be (real/expected) - and who would you like it to be? (fantasy)


Black Snow
Chet Lemon
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