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Who was used badly last night?

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Sup peepz?

This only includes the Royal Rumble match.

So it's simple, who do you think was used badly in the match? Who did you expect more out of? And who looked like a complete joke?

For me, it's Kane.

He comes out as the last man, you think he would be at least in the final 4, he eliminates 1 man, and who eliminates him? Rey-Rey? I could understand if Kane had been there a long time, but he was the last man in, and that would give him the advantage since he's a big motherfucker, then he gets eliminated after 2-3 minutes.

That was the biggest let down for me, but of course, Del Rio saved the night, and since it was a pretty good Rumble match, I can't complain.

So who was used badly last night in your opinion?
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Too many people to mention, I thought it was a really badly booked rumble, they could of at least allowed Diesel and Booker T to last longer than they did.

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There was a few bad miss uses in the rumble but there was some guys who were used well, Bryan look good and CM punk made the first half of the match.

So fucking glad Orton didn't win!!
I wished they would of missed out zach ryder and had another surprise entrant for number 40

Its the first time I've marked out watching wrestling for a long time but Bookers entrance had me standing! was awesome even though it should've lasted longer/
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