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Batista or The Rock?

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  • The Rock

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how did cena get owned? cena probably already went home because he had his match already and rock probably knew thos so rock started speaking smack on the mic. It was over-run people the show wasn't even supposed to go on that long, it was past time raw finishes. When your hours are up you go home.

batista got taught a lesson after he talked smack anyway so you can't really consider that owning cena when he got the shit kicked out of him and cena made him retire from wrestling.
I see some Cena`s -adoring kid here? jajaja

I have had this question since batista`s speech and now again.....well we know that there is a creative team behind, that wrestlers have to say what they are allowed to say, they will win/have titles/etc because of the creative team right?

But what happens when Batista/The Rock or someone else start talking things that all of us know that are totally true (merchandise, face of the company, kids magnet, soldier hero, shooo cant sheee me, etc), these are things that the creative team made.

I mean creative team made that? wrestlers were allowed to do whatever they wanted? you feel me? I really dont know what to think, but it makes me really happy when they say the true about this quality of PG program that we have now
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