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Batista or The Rock?

  • Batista

    Votes: 32 22.2%
  • The Rock

    Votes: 112 77.8%
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I couldn't make a complete choice because I loved every moment of heel Batista and the The Rock is coming in nostalgia-equipped (taking nothing away for the promo he cut Monday).

Gun to my head tho, I'll go Batista. It was the culmination of everything built up that gives Batista the edge.
Let's allow this to develop more then ask me again and we'll see what happens down the line.

Give Cena a chance to respond. Cena HAS to respond.
totally agree. The Rock hasn't owned Cena? He said stuff about him to which he couldn't respond. Cena could come out and say that a wiggly eyebrow is gay as fuck and the rock is good at that thing with his tongue cause he is used to tickling Vince's balls with it! He wouldn't own Rocky. Get them both on the mic at the same time!
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