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Batista or The Rock?

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Who Owned Cena The Best: Batista or The Rock?

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Batista and The Rock have been the only superstars that have been able to own Cena on the mic and make him look stupid. The question is who did it better?
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The only reason I go with him is because there are so many parallels between he and Cena. They both were the two biggest stars since the Attitude Era, and hearing one shoot on the other was a very apples to apples look and was the culmination of that era in WWE. It completely showed how those two stars were the polar opposites of each other. I must say as well that Cena being in the ring while Batista gave his promo added a lot to it. Batista physically directed every word right at Cena. Also, Batista did it first which gives him a bit of the edge since until that point, NO ONE had talked about Cena that way.

Now don't get me wrong, The Rock's promo was absolutely incredible and I would have never thought in a million years Vince would have let him dig THAT deep into Cena. However, this is the guy of one era talking about the guy of this era which is a little different...

Regardless, both promos were amazing. Tough choice.
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