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Batista or The Rock?

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Who Owned Cena The Best: Batista or The Rock?

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Batista and The Rock have been the only superstars that have been able to own Cena on the mic and make him look stupid. The question is who did it better?
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Tbh if put anyone up against The rock when talking about promos, the rock will always win hands down, but this time around, Batista actaully held his own here. His promos were actually very truthful and were made better with the comedy one liners he put in about the fat kids and all that. Heel Batista was batista at his best and his promos on cena were on par with any of the rock's promos. Even though the rock owned the hell out of cena on RAW, that was expected unlike batista, I doubt anyone knew batista would come at cena like he did.
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