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Scotty 2 Hotty has to be one of the four. Also, I remember a wrestler who played a pirate for a few weeks but can't remember his name. The Great Khali would also figure in my WOAT rushmore although at least he was kind of funny to watch in a morbid sense. What was the name of the wrestler who used to eat worms? He'd have that honor as well.

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But I agree with the person who said worst ever would be someone you never heard of.

Khali, Gonzalez were not even worst giants. Silo Sam, Raja lion are much worse than those two and there have been guys worse than Sam I suspect.

Was Khali worse than Eli cottonwood.. obviously no. Khali could do comedy, got over and had decent matches with Cena

Listing Cena, Rollins, Charlotte etc on worst lists is just laughable.

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1) JBL
2) X-Pac
3) Randy Orton
4) Booker T

HM Bully Ray

-Or just the guys that made me give up on wrestling.

JBL - I could not stomach watching Smackdown with him as Champion, he was total shit.
X-Pac - The only guy who actively made me change the channel during The Attitude Era.
Randy Orton - Would turnover the channel while he's on, the most boring singles matches of any pushed wrestler, terrible promo.
Booker T - Watching wCw occasionally for chunks. Booker T was so awful he destroyed wCw, terrible in every way, ratings under Booker nosedived to the point Time Warner was forced to close the company and sell wCw and it's tape library to the WWF for a buck fifty.

it continues..the quality in the WWF dropped off a cliff the minute Booker joined them, literally the minute Booker joined them the show became a dumpster fire both in ratings and quality.

it continues..when Booker won King of the Ring I gave up on WWE for many, many years, I simply couldn't bear to watch.
(I gave up watching wCw during the Nash run, turned back for Goldberg then away again when he got ruined. Turned back for Sid as The Millennium Man)

HM Bully Ray - Many people put TNA's slide into oblivion onto the Hogan/Bischoff braintrust, but it was not them it was Bully Ray. Has there ever been a more insufferable bore featured as the top guy. Bully Ray killed TNA by making it unwatchable, so thanks for that.

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1. Great Khali
2. Giant Gonzales
3. Jinder Mahal
4. Marko Stunt

First two, monsters that can't do anything. Ruined many big time matches with their lack of coordination. WWE making chicken salad out of chicken crap later on by making Khali a comedy figure doesn't fix that. Besides, it wasn't Khali's comedic timing that made him funny- it was the idea that this marble-mouthed mongoloid could be a "playboy".

The third, the worst WWE Champion I can think of. People kept saying, "he's green!" during his championship run, when the guy made his pro debut in 2002, and his WWE debut in 2010. Managed to drag horrible matches out of Cesaro and Rollins, which I haven't seen anyone do before or since.

The fourth is a recent addition, but fuck he pisses me off... my suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Bla bla bla, Irish whips... the guy is literally the size of a 10 year old. At best. And I'm meant to buy him hitting crazy moves and taking all this punishment and coming back to hit more crazy moves? I mean, we had Spike Dudley back in the day, but he'd take his beating and MAYBE hit a Dudley Dog, none of this kicking out of spike piledrivers. And besides, Marko Stunt makes Spike Dudley look like a young Chris Masters.

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Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley, Baron Corbin, Giant Khali.

They are all awful. I actually used to be sort of okay with Corbin, but he has become unbearable. He hasn't shown any improvement since NXT, I think he's regressed.

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The Undertaker
The Rock
Ric Flair

These are legitimate answers from members about THE FOUR WORST WRESTLERS OF ALL TIME.

Honorable mentions to John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Charlotte etc.

Please close this thread. It's the WOAT.

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The Great Khali
Santino Marella

Amazing that you put two legitimately talented Pro Wrestlers on your WOAT rushmore. I know these are a matter of perspective and opinion, but some of these really hurt my head reading.
Agreed. Also that honorable mention list made me laugh:

Honorable mentions:

Curtis Axel
Ted DiBiase Jr.
Ezekiel Jackson
Bull Buchanan
Bill DeMott

Nikki Bella
Nia Jax
Joy Giovanni
Apparently the likes of Ezekiel Jackson, Cameron and Heidenreich were better, more entertaining pro wrestlers than Christian according to him. :heston
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