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There are a bunch of guys who are probably "on the bubble" but I suspect only a select few will actually be released this year.

Probably the most scared guys at this time are individuals such as Ezekiel Jackson, Trent Barreta, JTG and maybe Michael McGillicutty/Joe Hennig. Oh and of course Tensai/Albert.

I can't see Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, with their revamped tag team, or Alex Riley who remains remarkably over despite receiving nearly no TV time, or Heath Slater, who is one of their best enhancement talents, getting axed anytime soon.

I don't think Hennig will get released as (last time I checked, anyway) they were repackaging him and that was why he has been off TV for a while so I am almost certain they still want to give him a chance.

Ezekiel, they seem to want to still try and do something with him, and, though I find him boring, he is quite a monster, just doesn't seem to be able to find his way in to a good storyline.

Tensai, probably not right now. I think they still want to go ahead with this awful gimmick of his.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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