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Turn face:
Rusev(This guy has a lot of potential as a face and he can be the one to beat Jinder for the title as a face)
Bray Wyatt(It is too late but maybe that is the only thing that can save him)
Kevin Owens(Team with Sami Zayn for sometime till they have a final match at Wrestlemania 34 or 35)

Turn Heel:
Dean Ambrose(He can be the top heel imo if it is done right)
Roman Reigns(I don't need to say anything here,too)
John Cena(He is in phase of his career that I think a heel turn will not effect him that much like before,I always thought that he should break Ric Flair's record by being heel or turning heel to do it)
Finn Balor(They can have him reunite with The Club to help him win The Universal Title)
Randy Orton(I don't think I need to explain here,Heel Orton is always the best)

Your thoughts?

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I don't think snap turns tend to do most people much good. For some it's the case of the grass being greener. I struggle to muster the interest of debating heel/face turns with the IWC since the most well-constructed, needed, timed and logical heel turn in history - Austin at WM17 - tends to be something they still whine about to a point where I don't know why these discussion are worth bothering with.

However Rusev is the one who would probably benefit the most from it. He clearly is a top guy in real life and has great charisma as a loveable oaf. A turn was the only way to end the idiotic Cena flag match with any satisfaction. And certainly a feud as a pro-American Dream, pro-duel nationality face with Jinder as a heel would be as good a feud with Jinder as champ that I think could be mustered.

Roman's beyond help I think at this point unless they do something drastic with him. But that's the case ever since the disastrous counter-intuitive feud with the Authority. Since that feud he needs rebooting in some form if they want fans to ultimately accept him. I doubt it'll be done.

Cena *could* turn heel at this point but I don't think he *needs* to. I think he could do some entertaining work in either alignment going forward.

Orton I don't care about whether he's heel or face, he just needs to be booked interestingly and within the confines of what his character is meant to be, which he rarely is.

After Rusev I would say Ambrose is the one who *needs* it the most. The storyline would appear to demand it.

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Ambrose - Heel
Rollins - Heel
Reigns - Heel (SHIELD REUNION)
Joe - Face
Strowman - Face
Charlotte - Heel
Rusev - Face
Orton - Heel
Zack Ryder - Heel
Sami Zayn - Heel (SJW Gimmick)
Cesaro - Face
Owens - Face
Banks - Heel
Titus O'Neil - Face and start wrestling again

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Braun - Face (Though he kinda already is in my eyes since he got out the Ambulance)
Roman - Heel (as the opposite to Braun, I'd make that a rivalry for the ages)
Balor - Heel
Nakamura - Heel
Sasha - Heel
Joe - Face
Rusev - Face
Owens - Face

Let's talk about six, baby.
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Rusev should definitely turn. It would have been so easy to put him against Jinder as a pro-America face.

Scarring the Night Sky
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Turn face

Braun Strowman
Kevin Owens
The Singh Beothers
Samoa Joe

Turn heel

Roman Reigns
John Cena
Matt Hardy
Finn Balor
Sasha Banks
Dean Ambrose (Not immediately though)
Randy Orton (Only for a feud with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship)

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Face turn

Alexa Bliss
Braun Strowman

Heel turn

Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose

I'm biased towards Bliss because i'm just curious how it will turn out, if she can pull off a face turn or not.

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I’ll do 2 for Raw and Smackdown.


Dean Ambrose to Heel: I became a huge Ambrose fan in FCW as a heel. His promos were captivating. And overall his in ring style as a technician works better as a heel. Could be the top heel in the company.

Bray Wyatt to Face: Though he has lost any and all direction, he is still captivating. His entrance and presence alone still garners a reaction. I feel like if Bray didn’t fight the fans anymore and just embraced them, he’d be one of the most over guys in the company.


Randy Orton to Heel: The guy is just boring as a face unless when he’s just RKO’ing dudes. But as a heel, he just has this vicious side to him that’s so fun to watch.

Rusev to Face: Once you look past the stereotypical foreign gimmick, Rusev is a guy that does has some charisma and charm to him and if he could channel that in the proper way I think he’d make a great face.

Honorable Mention: Kevin Owens to Face: I don’t know why, but I think Owens would make for a really good face. He’s already popular, he can cut it on the mic. I just think he would thrive in the role.

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I'll play...

Regins..it really doesn't matter and I don't see Cena changing anything..

Face - Owens - The guy that posts adorable pictures of him and his kids. He could get way over as a face I think. But he would need to keep that mean streak.

Face - Rusev - Good Lord. Talented in the ring, big guy, smoking hot wife, good on the mic, buried by the powers that be, a face in the making if I ever saw one.

Heel - Ambrose, Rollins - of for @#$ sake, throw Reigns in there and reunite the Shield already. They really aren't doing that great solo are they no matter how hard they are pushed?

Tweener - Nakamura. He doesn't speak the language, he's just here to have a great entrance, twitch alot and beat up whoever is in his way. It fits.. they should run with it..

Heel - Balor. Balor and "the Club" are going nowhere fast. Put them back together as a heel faction..

Face - Bray. Let Bray loose on the mic. Let him do promos like he did at his peak like "I'm here for that 17 year old that has been told they are too fat and too ugly to go to the prom!!!" He did that line once and the crowd went fucking apeshit. Then they clamped down on him because he was supposed to be a heel. Let Bray do that stuff again and he will be over. PS - he has to win some feuds too..

Heel - Charlotte. Not sure what she is now, but she's like her old man - she needs to be a heel. But realize that she is one of those that is so good she is still going to be cheered as a heel. Just like her old man.

Face - Strowman. Ok - he looks like Andre and Eugene had a baby.. but he gets cheers for beating up Roman and Brock so why not.

Leave alone - Cesaro and Sheamus - the world needs an ass kicking tag team and they are doing fine in that role right now.

Put back together - Matt and Jeff. Dude, wtf - we just got the Hardy's back and you are breaking them up already?!

Leave alone - Elias Sampson. He's doing just fine. But remember he has 2 names.. Elias Sampson.

Tweener - Brock. Kind of like the Road Warriors (LOD) used to be. Heel or face depended on who was across the ring from them. They didn't really change anything.

That's enough for now. Honestly, so much of the main roster is so screwed by booking that it wouldn't matter if they turned.

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Most babyfaces would benefit from a heelturn but I'll try to keep things a little balanced



That would be my full list.

Smackdown -Reigns,Balor,Miz Styles,Rollins,Nakamura,Rusev,Roode,Ziggler

Raw - Lesnar,Cena,Ambrose,Orton,Braun,Joe,Owens,Bray,Corbin,Zayn

Both rosters would look significally better with that lineup. Raw looks just as good as it does now but smackdown looks infinintely better.
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