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Who do you think are the hottest wrestlers of all time?

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My all-time favorite wrestler too, 90s Shawn was 😍.

My second pick would be 2006 Randy Orton
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Randy number 1 :love::love::love:

The rest:

Fuck, I can’t attach anymore Lmfao!! Goddamn overheated vagina.

ok, guess I’ll have to just type the rest out!

Early to mid 90’s Piper
Shane McMahon (he wrestled matches, he counts!)
Jungle Boy Jack Perry
Christian when he was with the Brood and tag team with Edge
70’s - early 80’s Hogan
Matt Jackson
The British Bulldog
The Rock when he wore those silk shirts
Brutus the Barber Beefcake (mostly neck down but was all hot when he had short slicked hair back in the day)

hmmmm I think I got them all!!
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I can see everyone here but CM Punk and Adam Cole, I always thought CM Punk looked trashy. Aj Styles isn't hot to me with long hair, but I could see it when he had short. Bret isn't my type as I always thought there's something weird about his face, but I can see how others may latch onto how he looks.
Well I would drink Punk’s dirty sweat and HBK and his unibrow did nothing for me so guess we are even!


Great thread, I always like these!
Oops, I forgot about Sting, he’s definitely a banger!

Well you've done it now, brb, going under the covers in my bed!

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Batista is another one I thought about adding last night just right before bed. Particularly 00s Batista when he had the goatee for me.

mmmm yeah, Batista is another one!!
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Why isn’t the Punjabi Playboy on anybody’s list?

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The disrespect
Don't worry, he's on @Chelsea 's list!

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I’m an idiot and wasn’t even thinking of the good old WCW days, I forgot one of my biggest crushes of all time, BUFF!!! Sexiest male escort of all time! :love:

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