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Who do you Rate More?

Who do you Rate More? #1

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Hopefully the first of a successful line of threads, basically the idea is to tell me who you rate more highly and who you'd have in a company.

First up is two that have nothing in common except potential...

Cody Rhodes

Dolph Ziggler

For me it's Cody, I find him more entertaining and can see him going a lot further.

What about you guys.

Also if you wanna see these threads continue feel free to PM me suggestions :)
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cody, but these threads aren;t allowed
Two average talents, nothing special about either of them whatsoever. However, I'm taking Rhodes because the fact that he's NOT Ziggler means that he automatically stands out in some way by comparison. Ziggler's level of presence is so low, he might as well be invisible.
Both are great talents and I loved how you summed up the two of them.

But I'd go with Ziggler. He's a great wrestler (better than all those guys put together in Pyro's sig ). The only thing he lacks IMO is mic skills. Other than that he he can wrestle and he has the look.
Ziggler: more technically sound, in off his own back (not an aristocrat), works well with JoMo and just so damn pretty.

Fuck it, I've decided I'm going to piss off the ******* homophobes.
cody, but these threads aren;t allowed
What for? There's nothing offensive in them. It's just a series of simple questions as to who's better. And when this forum is generally about assessing the superstars' talents, it's a bit daft when you can't do these.
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Rhodes is more interesting, but he still has a terrible look.
cody, but these threads aren;t allowed
Doesn't stop people for doing them anyway.

This is actually pretty hard. They are two of my favorite in the WWE right now. I'd maybe go with Cody Rhodes, he's taken his opportunity and ran with it so far, he's been incredibly impressive. I think he's got it all (as does Ziggler) but his characters better, and he plays it better I think. So, Rhodes for me.
I like both and think each has a ton of potential.. Cody is a bit more charismatic, so I voted for him .
I'd go for Cody Rhodes, Dolph has a weird look and it really puts me off his work.
both look **** to me
Yea but Dolph's fit.
Shouldn't be too hard. both pretty sleepy on the mic, but in the ring Ziggler is entertaining as hell. Always puts on fantastic matches. Rhodes is nothing special.
I'll go with Ziggler.
I don't like both of them but i'd say Ziggler.
I couldn't vote for Skinny Legs.:flip
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