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King of the shovel?

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-Booker T
-Curtis Axel
-CM Punk



Im sure theres alot more i missed out but both guys buried alot of talent and alot of guys never really recovered from their losses. I think the award of most buried talent must go to Cena though.

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It has to be Cena. Umaga, the Nexus, Wyatt, Rusev, Cesaro and Ryder, to name a few, could have easily gotten over and gotten over quite well. While I would argue that certain names there seem to be making a comeback, they certainly got a little too close to Grand Master Sexay's entrance than they, or their skillsets, were comfortable with.

Hunter, on the other hand, put down a guy who could have been the biggest star of the post-Attitude Era (in Booker T), Kane, RVD, Nash, Steiner, Goldberg, ect. Now, Booker T could have been the face of the company. But Kane? Guy used to put his hands in front of his face to take a bump on the stupid aluminium tin can thrash cans. Kane's been called the greatest of all time, and I am a mark for the guy at shows, but he was never going to be more than he is today. RVD is a little sketchier. Sure, he was the guy in ECW, and rightfully so, ECW was the perfect environment for him, but I would argue that it was Shawn Michaels returning that really buried RVD. If the first Elimination Chamber had happened six months later, history could have been different, but Michaels coming back really threw the whole thing into turmoil.

But the rest of these guys? Sting's a middle-aged man with a baldspot, for god's sake. The fact Steiner lost the WCW title to Booker in 2001 on the last Nitro showed how far he was going to go with the company, especially when he took time off because he was being paid to sit on his ass. Goldberg was never going to get fully over, I don't think. The guy wrestled so stiff he makes a match with Sheamus look like a gentle breeze on a warm summer's day. Kozlov wasn't really liked, I don't think. I never remember him, honestly. Punk held the Championship for over a year. 'Beating' isn't 'burying', honestly. Triple H needs legitimacy, too, in his current role.

But it's not fair to say Cena or Trips buried more guys. WWE creative buried more than either of them could have. Neither buried an entire roster over the course of three hours, and they certainly didn't do it week after week for nearly a year, now.

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Cena and its not even close.

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Some people really showing their lack of knowledge in this thread. What the fuck was Umaga supposed to do after beating Cena? What babyface is left to conquer the monster after the monster has already gone over the top babyface in the company? That's not how monster heels work. Besides, Umaga was really not that over for the first few months they were trying to build him up it was the Cena feud that got him over. He got booked incredibly strong in both of the Cena matches so acting like Cena buried him is nothing but mindless Cena hate.

You don't use your top babyface to build up heels. You build up heels by going over the other babyfaces and then he loses to the top babyface. That's the WWE business model all the way back since the company first started, I'm not sure what it is that some people don't understand about that. That would be like saying Hulk Hogan buried the Iron Sheik, Andre the Giant and Big Boss Man because god forbid the #1 guy in the company ever win a match.
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