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Who are the guy(s) whom you'd rate ahead of Shawn Michaels as a performer?

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I've often wondered whether I've seen a better performer than Shawn Michaels. The truth is I haven't. Maybe Flair in his prime was in his league. Therefore I decided to ask you guys the same question.

Who are the guy(s) you would put above HBK as a performer?
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Mr Perfect
Ricky Steamboat
Randy Savage
Chris Benoit
Bret Hart
Arn Anderson

I liked these guys in ring better personally. HBK sells well, but his chops on offense (like Flair) are dumb; not a fan of excessive chops at all. Flair was nothing but chops, rolling over the turnbuckle, and the figure four.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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