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Which Wrestlers do you think could have played other Wrestlers persona's/gimmicks ?

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I was just thinking earlier about the whole Owen and Triple H "The Game" thing and was trying to think of other guys who could have took on someone elses persona or gimmick if that guy was unavailable or hadn't been given it.

Obviously they wouldnt be a carbon copy as i think each gimmick or persona is just as much to do with there own personality as well as the way there written.For example I dont think Owen's character would have evolved into how Triples Character did by the early 00's.

Also some persona's come naturally and are just an extension of there own personality at the time (HBK,Flair,Hogan) and so the persona comes from them and not from writing as much.

So what im asking is who do you think could take on another Wrestlers persona and play and played the role as close to it as possible.
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Re: Which Wrestlers do you think could have played other Wrestlers persona's/gimmicks

Jericho can play the following people:
The Game
The Rock(not as well, but follow the same premise)
Flair's gimmick
Bret Hart's gimmick, with more mic work
Orton's legend Killer(maybe)
HHH evolution gimmick
Dashing Cody RHodes(lol jk)
Edge's ultimate Opportunist
probably more

Punk can play:
The Game
Legend Killer
Bret Hart
Ultimate Opportunist
Cerebral Assassin
Wade Barret's Nexus Leader persona
a variation of Scott Hall's "Say hello to the bad guy"
Batista's last gimmick
any other asshole gimmick

Flair as evolution HHH
Cena as Hogan(80s)
John Morrison as Ultimate Warrior(see dirtsheet)
John Morrison as HBK's gimmick(sexy boy)
Kofi Kingston as Booker T
Orton as Austin 3:16
Orton as the Cerebral Assassin
Edge as the Viper(w/o snake puns, he plays psycho well)
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