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Which TNA stars/other wrestlers/celebs have you met?

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title says it all

never met any TNA stars or any other wrestlers but have had a tweet from both Shawn Michaels and Matt Hardy before.

also met a few Hollyoaks stars too.
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I've met Mario Lopez (Saved By the Bell), Michael Showalter (comedian), Hulk Hogan. If you're talking about tweets, Samoa Joe, had a twitter conversation with Christopher Daniels, Chael Sonnen, Adam Baldwin, Fred Durst, J Mascis, McLovin, Adam Baldwin, director Greg Mottola, Paul Feig and Ginger Gonzaga on facebook.
Got my picture taken with Chris Hero and Sami Zayn, both super cool guys. Taylor Swift performed at my school when I was in 5th or 4th grade, long before she was famous. I also met John Walsh in our local mall, and he tried flirting with my mother :lol
One thing I have to say for TNA is that they do house shows well. The talent is made available and I have gotten free autographs and photos taken with all their top stars. At intermission and after shows they are accessible. Plus house shows lack the screwy finishes and talk we see on TV. I have to give TNA credit there.

I met Angle when he was champ and he let me hold the belt for a photo, Jeff Hardy many times, Storm, Roode, Styles, most of the Knockouts. Good times.
I've met and got a pic with Aries, Bad Influence, and Doug Williams. I've also met Joe, Mickie James, JJ, The Bucks, The Guns, Kendrick, Abyss, the Hebners, Gail Kim, Bromans, Tara, Rob Terry, AJ, Don West, Beer Money, Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and RVD.

I met Christian York at one of the bars down the street from my house Halloween weekend. I saw him when I went outside. I talked to him for a little bit, he said he was working an indy show at the high school gym the next day.
You can meet them all after an impact taping in Orlando. They go drinking in the ale house
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