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So which legends could you loose to and still go over and which legends would you have beat to go over.

For example you could face The Undertaker and lose but could still get put over because of the guys reputation. There are some guys that have such a good reputation in the ring that just being able to go toe to toe with them would be enough to help put someone over.

But I there are some legends I think you would have to beat to go over them like Chris Jericho. Some guys have a good reputation but not good enough to put someone over and beat them

Legends you wouldn't have to beat to go over - Brock Lesnar (UFC history) , The Rock (GOAT, and past reputation), The Undertaker (His past reputation and Wrestlemania Streak)

Legends you would have to beat to go over - Chris Jericho, Batista, JBL,

Examples of people getting put over would be CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Rhodes.
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