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The company that had the ladder as champion is Dramatic Dream Team (DDT)
The belt is the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship.

Here's highlights of a title match between Kota Ibushi and YOSHIHIKO (an inflatable 'love doll')

Here's a title match between The Ladder (champion) and Cocolo (a dog)

I have'nt kept up on the recent events but they did have an event in the middle of a camp ground in late 2010, here's the first part of it

The photo is of a match in Chikara Pro
Night 3 of King of Trios (2/18/07)

Youtube - always updated with recent shows, members post full shows and music videos of events.
Dailymotion - if a video is long, commercials will appear at the start, middle & end of the video.
Veoh - a commercial will appear at the beginning of a video and if the video is long 30-40 mins they'll only show 5 mins of it.

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I pretty much laughed my ass off for the whole of your post. The sex doll match was amazing, how can somebody have a 24 minute match with a sex doll and, make it last 24 minutes and still look so good? Genius, American companies wish they had this kind of humour.

(Would totally mark for HHH vs a sex doll.)

On a seperate note, do they have their own Youtube Channel or a source for video's? When I youtube "DDT wrestling japan" it still just comes up with the move, not the company. Thanks for your help man.
H781N - uploads full matches from events
billzeroism - uploads music videos of events

Search for "Dramatic Dream Team" instead
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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