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OK so its after Judgement Day and Eddie Guerrero has still got the title after beating JBL, however Mr Angle decides to give JBL a rematch, so Eddie can win properly (which he does) but after the match is over, Booker T brutally asaults Eddie and declares himself the TRUE Smackdown Champ, much to the crowds disliking. Booker grabs a mic and exclaims in rejoyce about how he is the best on Smackdown! even better than The Undertaker, even though he lost at JD to him, he demands that Mr Angle grants him a title shot and that it should be tonight. Angle says no and is then attacked by Booker.
The Undertaker then emerges and stares down Booker, only for Mordecai to tell Taker on the Titantron to leave the angel from the heaven (refering to Booker) alone and that his buisiness is with him. Taker rolls his eyes back at the sight of Mordecai and then leaves along with Eddie who is carried out on a stretcher. Booker is left standing scared in the corner of the ring, however he does not realise that Kurt his risen from the mat after his beating and has a chair at the ready, Booker turns round CRACK angle splits Booker's skull and blood is everywhere. (This then sets up a Triple Theat at The Great American Bash between Angle, Eddie(c) and BookerT.
We then cut to the back where Paul Bearer is urging Taker not to find Mordecai, as Paul has already arranged a match for him, but The Deadman proceeds to find Mordecai sitting in a field of bright lights. The Deadman is then ambushed by the FBI which are quickly disposed of. Next to try the same feat suffered the same consequence but this opponent is bigger, it is Matt Morgan. Finally after fighting off the Bashams, Two Chavo's, Dudley's and Rene Dupree, Taker is wounded and tired however proceeds to Mordecai who tells Taker that the worst is yet to come. Big Show then knocks out Taker with a chair and drags him to a storeroom where he finds his wife Sara and Paul Bearer tied above a circle of fire. Mordecai then lowers Sara onto the flame therefore singing her skin. Taker can not bear this and closes his eyes while the same is dealt to Bearer. The Deadman opens his eyes to reveal that they are no longer there and are fully rolled back into his skull. Taker deals Show a low blow and unties himself. Mordecai then flees with Sara held captive. Taker cut Paul Bearer down and follows Mordecai who is on his way to the ring.
When Mordecai is there he destroy's Sara with Crusifix Bombs and clotheslines. Taker finally arrives and speeds to the ring to deal some right hands to Mordecai who gives them back. Then amazingly Kane jumps out from under the ring to attack Taker. The two heels then destroy Taker and the show ends with a pic of Taker and Sara lying next to each other knocked out.

So what do you think? this is my first attempt and hopefully i will be bringing you many more of episodes of Smackdown!

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Where Smackdown! should go from now!!!!!!!! 2ND Episode

i am only continuing the two storylines that i have going, to create more time for them to unfold as i feel this will be better than having some small storylines and matches that end quickly.
Also in the last episode i forgot to mention that i scrapped the already laid down idea by WWE of having Kurt in a wheelchair.

2nd Episode
Before SmackDown gets under way a video package of last weeks events with The Undertaker, Sara and Mordecai is played.

Opening and pyro's go off

3 Opening matches

Kurt Angle reveals that he has traided Nunzio, Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli, Akio and Sakota for Kane

Mordecai and Kane enter down the ramp and into the ring. Mordecai gets on the mic and explains why he decided to choose Taker to destroy and dispose of, giving reasons that Taker is 'EVIL' and that he betrayed Kane. Kane then grabs the mic and tells the audience that when Taker beat him at WrestleMania XX, he was not feeling his best and had no desire to compete. The crowd boo imensely and begin chants of UNDERTAKER! UNDERTAKER!
Mordecai and Kane tell the crowd to "shut up cause he aint here tonight" Again causing the crowd to boo tremendously. The two then cut promos claiming to be sent from different ends of the Earth, Mordecai from heaven and Kane from the depths of hell, and that they had both been sent to destroy the Walking Dead!
Then suddenly John Cena appeared on the TitanTron to a HUGE cheer from the crowd. John tells Mordecai that he is disgusted to hear that he believes that he was sent by God, as no rightous God would want his servent to look like that! Cena then cuts a rap about Mordecai being a "Wanna Be Jesus!"
Next John moves onto Kane telling him that all he has accomplished in life is being a 5 Star Moran with nothing more to celebrate than being the biggest Jackass on SmackDown!
Kane and Mordecai are visibly enraged and are so angry that they fail to notice The Undertaker and Paul Bearer entering the ring from the crowd.
The Deadman enters the ring with a chair in hand and blasts Kane around the head with the solid steel. Mordecai turns round and immediately flees from the ring leavin a helpless Kane on his own.
Mr Angle's Music then sounds and he comes out to stop a fight breaking out. He orders Taker to leave Kane alone and let him exit with Mordecai! The Deadman is about to ignore him, when Paul Bearer stops him, whispering something in his ear. Taker nods and grabs the mic off the floor and gives it to Bearer. Paul tells Angle that Taker will let Kane go if he can have a match tonight with Mordecai! Kurt thinks long and hard about this suggestion and then decides that he has a better idea. Paul and Taker frown but agree to listen. Kurt then suggests a Tag Team encounter pitting Mordecai and Kane against Undertaker and ..............John Cena! The two smile at the idea and Taker releases Kane from the ring.
So the Main Event for Tonight is Mordecai and Kane v.s Undertaker and Cena!

The next match is Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio v.s Booker T and John"Bradshaw"Layfield

Winner: Booker T and JBL by DQ when Angle interferes with a chair to take out Booker T, only to be attacked by JBL who was about to win the match by pinning Mysterio.

After interfereing, Angle is taken out by Eddie and all three of Booker, Angle and Eddie commence in a viscious beat down on each other and it takes 8 referees, Rey Mysterio and JBL to pull the three off of each other.
Then amazingly, Vincent Kennedy McMahon appears on the TitanTron and informs Angle that he has been relieved of his post as GM due to his disgusting behavior! Kurt then stares in shock as he is escorted up the ramp by 3 referees. Vince then claims that he will anounce the new GM next week when he will be there in person!

The next match is the main event Pitting Mordecai and Kane against Undertaker and Cena!

Winners: Mordecai and Kane by pinfall when Undertaker is distracted by his Wife Sara walking down the ramp with The Big Show behind her.

After Kane pins The Undertaker with a handfull of tights, Mordecai, Show and himself lay another viscious beatdown on Taker and also on Cena, while Sara is forced to watch.

End with devestated Sara crawling and sobbing next to Taker. Taker then Sits up and points at the three travelling up the ramp, with his eyes rolled back, scaring Kane Mordecai and Big Show out of their wits.


What do you guys think then?
Give me your feedback on these storylines and how you like them (thats if you do at all!)

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Where Smackdown! should go from now!!!!!!!!3RD Episode

This is the third part of this current SmackDown storyline that i believe should be the actual thing on TV!

Video package of Angle's demotion from GM is shown and we then cut to the back where Vincent Kennedy McMahon is sitting comfortably behind a desk being mic-ed up ready to announce the new GM for SmackDown!

Opening credits and pyros go off!

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to yet another new era of SmackDown with yet another new GM!
We then cut to the back where Mr McMahon's only comment is that the new GM has arranged the matches tonight and he hopes that everyone at home and in the live crowd enjoys them.(But he does not give away the name of the GM)

Opening 3 Matches

Cole and Tazz then make a comment on if this is how the new era beings, then thet cannot wait until it continues!

Yet again we cut to the back, however this time Vince decides that the new GM should introduce that final matches and slowly but surely the camera angle moves left to reveal a very big desk chair hiding the figure of the person in it. Then the chair suddenly swings round to reveal the new GM.....................................................................................................................................................................Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A tremendous standing ovation for the Fall of Famer errupts around the arena and when silence finally falls Bobby beings to thank the fans, and Vince for giving him one last run in the company, he then goes on to introduce the next match which is:
Mordecai vs "Mr Thursday Night" Rob Van Dam!

Mordecai is accompanied to the ring by Kane, as his presence was needed incase of an attack.

Winner: RVD by DQ when Kane interferes to break up a pinfall attempt by RVD.
After the bell rang for the DQ, RVD immediately went on the attack on Kane in an attempt to get his own back. However RVD is them double teamed by Kane and The Big Show who ran down at the end of the match. A double then becomes a triple team when Mordecai comes to his senses after suffering a 5 Star Frog Splash.
Then the triple team becomes a three on two when John Cena runs to the ring in aid of Rob, and the heels have a fight on their hands.
Then suddenly the Gongs of The Undertaker sound and Kane, Mordecai and Big Show back away from RVD and Cena and turn to face the ramp. Unluckily for the huge team of 3, Taker jumps out from under the ring and attacks all of them from behind with a solid steel chair. Then immediately after one strike with the chair each, Mr McMahon orders Taker to cease his attack and listen to the new GM, and Taker has too much respect for Heenan to ignore him. Bobby puts forward the idea of a six-man tag team match with Mordecai, Show and Kane taking on Taker, Cena and RVD!!!!

Mordecai, Show and Kane vs Taker, Cena and RVD
Winner:Taker, Cena and RVD by pinfall when Undertaker Tombstone Piledrivers Kane for the win.

After the pinfall, Show and Mordecai begin to attack Taker who has been iscolated from Cena and RVD, however, The Deadman yet again proves just why he is a living breathing Legend within the company, and beats off a combined weight of 756lbs and triumphs above the massive pair plus he finally gets some payback for the last two weeks!

We then cut to the back where Vince and Bobby are drinking champaigne and joking about a new mature era within the company. Bobby then introduces the next match which will be Booker T vs Kurt Angle!
WWE Champion Eddie Gurerreo joins Michael Cole and Tazz for this match

Booker T vs Kurt Angle
Winner: Booker T by pinfall when he rolled Angle up with his feet on the ropes.

As soon as Booker pins Angle, he rolls out of the ring leaving Eddie on one side of the ring and Booker on the other, with Angle in the centre of the ring.
Then both Eddie and Booker dive into the ring and all three square off. Eddie and Angle begin to double team Book until they start attacking each other. While the two brawl, Booker slips out of the ring and retrieves a chair from under the ring. Still not noticing the absence of Booker, Eddie and Angle continue to beat each other until Booker slips in the ring and first smashes Eddie. He then swings for Angle but misses and Angle gains the upperhand, that is until Book hits his deadly scissor kick to finish off Angle.

End we leave SmackDown with Booker T triumphant in the ring towering above Angle and Eddie. Has Booker gained the upperhand in this feud?
Find out in next weeks episode of SmackDown!

So what do you think of the third installment of my version of SmackDown!?

Give me your feedback!

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PART 4 OF Where SmackDown! should go from now!!!

This is my 4th instalment of my SmackDown! show however i am thinking about not continuing because i am not getting enough positive feed back and i am not so sure as to whether you are enjoying reading this?
anyway on with the show!!!!!!!!!!

A video package displaying Booker T's dominace last week is shown.

Pyros go off and SmackDown! is under way witha great show lined up!

We cut to the back where the New GM of SmackDown! Bobby"The Brain"Heenan, is sitting behind his desk ready to announce tonights main event.
Bobby begins by thanking the fans one last time and that he is immensely grateful for all of the roster and fans support.

Bobby then moves on to announce that Mordecai, The Big Show and Kane have hired their own personal guards incase of an attack from The Undertaker, John Cena or Rob Van Dam.

Next Bobby anounces that despite their personal guards, the three huge men will still have to wrestle tonight, in an hour long Over The Top Rope Batle Royal, for a chance to meet John Cena, for the United States Championship, at Great American Bash!
The Big Show
Mark Jindrak
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Charlie Haas
Hardcore Holly
Billy Gunn
Chavo Guerrero Jnr
Chavo Guerrero Classic
Matt Morgan
Rene Dupree
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley

Bobby then goes on to mention that there will also be a major encounter when Eddie Guerrero takes on Booker T in a No DQ match up with Kurt Angle as the special guest referee!

Opening 2 matches

A new cruiserweight champion is crowned when Ultimo Dragon defeats Chavo Guerrero.
Heenan then announces a fatal fourway at GAB for the Cruiserweight title between Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman!

The next match is the Over The Top Rope Batle Royal!

Final 4: The Undertaker, Big Show, Kane and RVD
Kane suffers the Tombstone Piledriver from Taker and is layed flat out on the mat. But then Big Show eliminates RVD and we are down to 3!
Final 3:While Kane is still down and Show is still next to the ropes, Taker creeps up behind Show and tosses him over, showing immense strength!
Final 2: Unfortunately for Taker, Kane does to him, what he did to Show and Kane is the new No1 Contender for the U.S Title!
And Taker looks pissed!

The next match is the No DQ encounter with special guest referee Kurt Angle!

Winner: No Contest when a brawl breaks out between the three competitors after Angle refused to count 3 after Booker T hit the Scissors Kick.

After it is announced a No Contest, Booker T begins to lay into Angle with stiff right hands and begins to make Angle bleed, that is until Eddie hits a dropkick to the back of the head of Booker to send him flying out of the ring. Next Angle gets up and delivers a Drop Toe Hold to Eddie before placing him in the Ankle Lock, to which Eddie begins to tap out to. Finally when Angle lets go, Booker attacks him with a chair! CRACK! Angle has more blood pouring out. Next Booker moves on to Eddie who is climbing up from the mat, limping on his ankle. Miraculasly Eddie turns and hits a DDT onto the chair!

End; Eddie stands tall with his title in hand!
Give me your feedback!

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Re: PART 4 OF Where SmackDown! should go from now!!!

WAY TO SHORT, that would be lucky to fill a half an hour timeslot.

Not bad, but try and keep your shows in one thread, not numerous ones, it just pisses people off.

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I know that it probably wouldn't fill a whole show but remember that I am not actually writing the matches, I am only writing who wins then so it would definitely fill 1 and a half hours and the rest will be taken up by commercials and backstage chat! And besides didnt you read the bit that said "An hour long Battle Royal"?
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