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Where It Truly Begins Again

Yeah, looks like I’m canceling my 3/29/1999-4/2/2000 thread, I just can’t help it, if I’m really into something and there’s a big disruption (Exam preparations, assignments, etc.) I just completely lose interest. I’m not going to make any promises about whether or not I’m going to see this one through, but I haven’t got any major exams until October next year so that gives me 13 months to see this one through.

All right, onto this thread; it’ll be a “changing the past” thread once again. This time it’s the time period between Wrestlemania XIX and Wrestlemania XX.

Format of the Shows will be:
-Promos, Backstage Skits, Pre-Match, Post-Match shenanigans etc. will be in detail
-PPV matches will be in detail, TV matches will be in recap form
-I won’t do detailed Heat and Velocity analysis like in my previous thread.

Raw Roster:
Triple H
Shawn Michaels (Moved from Smackdown)
Hulk Hogan
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Scott Steiner
Ric Flair
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Sylvain Granier
Rene Dupree
Garrison Cade
Mark Jindrak
Nathan Jones
Matt Morgan
Val Venis
Mark Henry
Rodney Mack
Orlando Jordan
Stevie Richards
Lance Storm
The Hurricane
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Jackie Gayda
Rob Conway

Kurt Angle
The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Chris Benoit
Randy Orton
AJ Styles
Rey Mysterio
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Matt Hardy
John Cena
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Scotty 2 Hotty
Big Show
Shannon Moore
Ultimo Dragon
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Spike Dudley
Jamie Noble
Hardcore Holly
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Al Snow
Bill Demott

Raw Champions:
World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg
World Tag Team Champions: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall
Women’s Champion: Trish

WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
WWE Tag Team Champions: World’s Greatest Tag Team
Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

Raw GM: Eric Bischoff
Smackdown GM: Stephanie McMahon

Raw Announcers: JR and King
Smackdown Announcers: Tazz and Michael Cole

Raw Stables:
The Clique: Triple H, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall
The Outsiders: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall
The Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray and D-Von
Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade
Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan
3 Minute Warning: Rosey and Jamal
Mark Henry and Rodney Mack

Smackdown Stables:
WGTT: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
Los Guerreros: Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero
Basham Brothers: Doug and Danny Basham
Too Cool: Scotty 2 Hotty and Brian Christopher
Kyodai: Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda

PPV Dates:
Backlash, 27th April 2003, Raw
Judgment Day, 25th April 2003, Smackdown
In Your House, 29th June 2003, Joint
Vengeance, 27th July 2003, Raw
Summerslam, 31st August 2003, Joint
Unforgiven, 28th September 2003, Smackdown
No Mercy, 26th October 2003, Raw
Survivor Series, 30th November 2003, Joint
Season’s Beatings, 27th December 2003, Smackdown
Royal Rumble, 31st January 2004, Joint
No Way Out, 28th February 2004, Raw
Wrestlemania XX, 4th April 2004, Joint

Just to set the scene:

-Goldberg debuted around November 2002 as a response to the lack of Babyface opponents for Triple H
- AJ Styles debuted in May 2002, a big coup by the WWE as upstarts TNA really wanted to sign the Phenomenal One. He just lost the Cruiserweight Title to Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania XIX. Many have said that he is above the Cruiserweight Division and could hang with the Main Eventers if given the chance.
-Edge and Angle will not have their neck problems.
-Results of Wrestlemania XIX’s Main Matches:
Goldberg defeated Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Title
The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin
Kurt Angle defeated Shawn Michaels to win the WWE Title
Undertaker defeated Kane in an Interpromotional match in which if Kane loses, he has to unmask.
Brock Lesnar defeated Scott Steiner

I’m hoping to post the first Raw soon

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I do not know much as I only know from Mania XX onwards, but it looks nice. Goldberg with the title is sort of uhhh not in my liking, but it can work. I wonder what happens with SCSA

Chopped Liver
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New thread. Nice bit of a backstory detailing the debuts of Goldberg and Styles. Hopefully this is as good as your last thread, and hopefully this time, you get more credit for your hard work.

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Raw 31/3/2003
Key Arena, Seattle, Washington

WWE Opening Credits

Raw Opening Credits

We see the pyros exploding and various shots of the crowd with people lifting up home-made signs

JR: We are 24 hours removed from the 19th Annual Wrestlemania and we are coming to you live, from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Hello again everyone, I’m Jim Ross and with me is Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Lawler: It’s a successful Wrestlemania, too, JR. Some 50,000 in attendance at Safeco Field and we are also live on PPV in over 100 Countries.

The Raw Roster makes it way down to the ring, the only notable exception being Triple H, Kane, Hulk Hogan and Goldberg. They all circle the ring.

Vince’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Vince gets the microphone.

Vince: First of all…first of all I would like to express gratitude from the very bottom of my heard to you the WWE fans. It doesn’t matter if you were part of the 50,000 at Safeco Field or you were part of the worldwide audience watching on PPV, I would to say on behalf of the WWE, on behalf of its employees and on behalf of myself, thank you. Thank you, because without you fans, Wrestlemania would not be a success.

Crowd applauds, the wrestlers also applaud.

Vince: But now, let’s focus on tonight and focus on why I’m really here. Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen I’m here to make sure that my employees and my consumers are well looked after. You see, I want to give my consumers excitement, drama, tension and the best in the world of Sports Entertainment. But at the same time, I want my employees to get the best competition in the world of Professional Wrestling. It’s a dilemma, folks, but I have finally come up with a solution and that solution is that the WWE will be conducting its first Draft Lottery.

Wrestlers look curious

Vince: And what is the Draft Lottery? Well, simply put, the Raw GM, Eric Bischoff and the Smackdown GM, Stephanie McMahon will randomly pick a name of a superstar from each other’s roster. If, for example my daughter, Stephanie, picks the name of you, Kevin Nash, then you will be moving to Smackdown and vice-versa. This will happen until 5 Superstars from Raw have crossed over to Smackdown and vice versa or until the deadline which in this case will be Backlash.

Some wrestlers look excited, some look worried.

Vince: And you know what the exciting thing is? It starts tonight!

Crowd cheers.

Vince: If I’m right, Mr. Bischoff, you have already made the first pick for Raw.

Bischoff appears on the Titantron with a big smile.

Bischoff: Rightly so, Mr. McMahon. The first Draft Lottery Pick for Raw is… (looks at his piece of paper). Oh this is a good one. Shawn Michaels!!!!

Shawn Michaels’ music hits. He plays to the crowd at the top of the ramp and then makes his way down to the ring. He waves to Hall and Nash who look on happily.

Vince: Well, well, well, you’re in your wrestling gear, so I might as well give Mr. Michaels his first Raw match if that’s all right with you, Mr. Bischoff.

Bischoff: It’s your call, sir.

Vince: (Rubs chin) Hmm, who am I going to put him in the ring against?

The wrestlers all puts their hand up.

Vince: All right, Val Venis, you’re up. Someone get a damn referee in here so we can start the match.

Commercial Break

Match 1: Shawn Michaels vs. Val Venis
Overview: Venis’ enthusiasm at being in the ring with a legend like HBK was big enough to allow him to dominate the early going in the match. However, Michaels’ experience came through in the end.
Ending: Venis Irish Whips Michaels and goes for a Clothesline, Michaels ducks and hits a Flying Forearm. Michaels starts to stomp his foot down on mat. Venis gets on his knees, recovers, and turns around. Michaels with the Sweet Chin Music. Michaels goes for the pin 1….2….3.
Winner: Shawn Michaels in 6:04

In the Parking Lot, a limo pulls up and Triple H comes out of it. Hall and Nash walk towards him looking excited.

Triple H: Guys, what’s with the happy faces?

Hall: I can’t believe it, man, Shawn’s part of the roster now.

Triple H: What?

Nash: He’s moved from Smackdown to Raw.

Triple H: No way.

Hall: Yes way. Come on, we’ll take you to him.

Hall and Nash walks towards the direction of the locker room with Triple H following them.

Meanwhile, RVD, Booker T, Stevie Richards, Garrison Cade, and Mark Jindrak are in a locker room.

RVD: Man, if anything, I hope that I get moved from this dump to Smackdown.

Booker T: And why is that?

RVD: Because I’m sick of being stuck in this place, dude, it’s time for RVD to hit the big time on Smackdown. You got Austin on Smackdown, you got Rock on Smackdown, you got the WWE Champion Kurt Angle on Smackdown. Dude, to quote your old company, WCW, that’s where the big boys play and I want to play with the big boys.

Booker T: Oh okay, man, suddenly it’s as if Raw’s not good enough for you.

RVD: It’s not like that, Book. Let’s just say that it’s gone past its use by date for me.

Booker T: You’re starting to piss me off, dawg.

RVD: Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it?

Booker T: This! (Shoves RVD)

Richards, Cade, and Jindrak stand up and keep RVD and Booker away from each other.

Richards: Calm down, guys!

RVD: Yeah, calm down, Book.

Booker T: Oh I’m calm all right, right after I kick your cocky ass.

RVD: Is that a challenge?

Booker T: You gotta be smoking pot to not understand. I’ll see you in the ring (walks out of the locker room)

Tonight: Brock Lesnar vs. Scott Steiner in a Wrestlemania 19 Rematch.

Commercial Break

Hulk Hogan is signing a Hulk Hogan Action Figure for a kid at Toys R’ Us. There’s no one left behind that kid. A store manager walks up to Hogan.

Store Manager: That’ll be all, Mr. Hogan. Thank you for coming to the store.

Hogan (apathetically): No problem.

Hogan walks off and sees Sgt. Slaughter walking towards him.

Hogan: Slaughter, how are you, man?

Slaughter: Pretty good, Hulk. Listen, Eric told me to give this to you (hands a paper to Hogan)

Hogan: (Reading) Tomorrow HMV, Wednesday K-Mart… what is this, Sarge?

Slaughter: I guess that’s the schedule for your appearances this week.

Hogan: I can’t do this Sarge, tell Eric I’m not gonna make these appearances.

Slaughter: Come on, Hulk, do it for the Hulkamani…

Hogan: That’s the same line you’ve been using for the last 4 weeks, Sarge and it’s not going to work this week.

Slaughter: I’m sorry, Hulk, I just want to keep your spirits up…

Hogan: Keep my spirits up? The only way I’m gonna keep my spirits up is by getting in the ring and performing in front of the Hulkamaniacs! But put yourselves in my shoes, man, I have not gotten in the ring in the last 2 months, Sarge. Heck, I even missed Wrestlemania yesterday. Was not even in a match, did not even make an appearance on the PPV, it’s all just signings and appearances for me. (Sighs) I’m gonna go talk to Eric.

Match 2: RVD vs. Booker T
Overview: A nice fast-paced match from the two. RVD dominated the early going but Booker took control in the latter stages of the match.
Ending: RVD on the turnbuckle. RVD jumps off the turnbuckle, Booker catches RVD with a gut kick that doubles Mr. Monday Night over. Booker gets a Scissors Kick on RVD. Booker does a Spinaroonie, but when he finishes he gets a kick in the back of the head from RVD. Booker seems to be out. RVD mounts the turnbuckle and hits a Frog Splash. RVD goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winner: RVD in 8:19

Christian, Chris Jericho, Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan Lita and Gail Kim are in a locker room with a monitor. Christian is speaking but it looks as if the people in the locker are more concerned about what’s on the monitor.

Christian: Oh sure, Hulk Hogan can complain about not being on the Wrestlemania XIX card but if there is anyone that has cause to complain about not being on the Wrestlemania card it’s me. It’s Captain Charis…

The door behind Christian opens and Ric staggers in looking very sick.

Jericho: Naitch, are you all right?

Flair: I just got a hangover from the Wrestlemania after-party, champ, don’t worry.

Jones: Ric, you had too much to drink, mate. Come on have a seat.

Jericho: You know what? I heard he was still at it on the dance floor at 4 in the morning. Isn’t that right Naitch?

Flair mumbles a response. Jones crack a joke as Morgan, Lita, and Gail Kim laughs.

Christian: Oh I get it. No one cares when it’s Captain Charisma but when someone who’s getting his ass kicked by Father Time walks in, he becomes the center of attention. If that’s the case, then there’s no use for me staying in here.

Christian leaves as Jericho, Jones, Morgan, Lita, and Gail Kim looks concerned about Flair. Flair still doesn't look good and vomits on the floor.

Commercial Break

Kane is sitting backstage, a black towel on his shaved head.

Kane: Last night…last night my brother stripped me of the only thing that I had left, my mask. I can hear that some of you in the crowd have the nerve to laugh at me. Laugh because in your minds, I am mourning about a plastic mask. Well that mask is EVERYTHING to me!!! Ever since I was burned, that was the only thing that separated me from your looks of disgust and from you turning away in fear. When I had the mask, no one gave me looks of disgust, no one turned away in fear. In fact, I was accepted by you. You cheered me on as I Chokeslam those who you dislike, you chanted “Big Red Machine” when I Tombstoned those who you hate. But not anymore, when I took off my mask as part of the deal that was set up before the match, I got those looks of disgust; I got people turning away from me in fear. But the past is the past and today is today. Today is the start of the new Kane. Today is the start of the unleashing of my wrath.

Match 3: Women’s Title: Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim
Overview: Standard women’s match from these two.
Ending: Gail Kim goes for a Clothesline, Trish ducks and hits a Chick Kick. Trish goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winner and still Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus in 4:21

Trish was celebrating when Jazz comes in and attacks her. Jazz stomps away on Trish and then lifts her for a Chickenwing before dropping her down. The referee tries to keep Jazz away as she smiles.

Commercial Break

Shawn is drinking backstage.

Triple H (off-screen): Shawn?! Damn, it is you.

Shawn turns around and sees Triple H, Hall, and Nash. Shawn hugs Triple H, Hall, and Nash.

Shawn: It’s been too long, guys.

Nash: Your come back was phenomenal, Shawn, I mean, it’s no mean streak coming back from a Back Injury and winning the WWE Title.

Hall: Damn shame you had to lose it yesterday to baldy.

Shawn: Well, the Lord’s been good to me, so if He wants me to lose it yesterday then so be it.

Triple H: The Lord? Listen to yourself, Shawn.

Shawn: I’m a changed man, Hunter, spending all those time away from the ring really made me appreciate wrestling more.

Triple H: That’s good, Shawn, really. But you see, today is a historical day. Since the Brand Extension last year, Kevin, Scott, and I; we banded together, just like the old days. We formed the Clique. And now that you’re here, the Clique’s going to be complete once again.

Triple H does the Clique hand gesture and lifts it above his head. Hall does the same and touches Triple H’s hand using the hand gesture. Nash does the same.

Triple H: What do you say, Shawn?

Shawn smiled but then his smile faded.

Shawn: Guys, I can’t do it. I just can’t.

Triple H: What?!

Shawn: I’m a changed man, Hunter, when I said that I appreciated wrestling more, I really do mean it. And I made a promise to myself that if I do come back; everything that I do in that ring will be for the fans. That’s why I can’t rejoin you.

Hall: Come on, Shawn, judging by how the fans react to our Ladder Matches all those years back, I’d say that we are doing it for the fans.

Shawn: No, we did it for ourselves. I did it so I can be one step closer to the WWE Title, not for the fans.

Nash: You’ve got to be joking, Shawn?

Triple H looks angry.

Triple H: Oh I get it, now that you go to church, now that you pray more; somehow you’re better than us. Somehow you don’t need to associate with us anymore. Is that what you’re saying?

Shawn: I never said…

Triple H: Shut up. 24 hours ago, I lost MY World Heavyweight Title and now I have to deal with the crap my best friend is giving me?

Shawn: Calm down, Hunter…

Triple H: Come on, guys, let’s leave Mr. Holy Man since we’re not worthy to be in his presence.

The Clique leaves. Shawn looks hurt.

Match 4: The Dudleyz vs. Cade and Jindrak
Overview: Dudleyz dominated the beginning of the match, but Cade and Jindrak matches up until the match is even.
Ending: D-Von hot tags Bubba as Cade hot tags Jindrak. Bubba with a Back Body Drop on Jindrak. Cade goes for a Clothesline, Bubba ducks it and hits the Bubba Combo. Jindrak gets in the ring and goes for a Clothesline, Bubba ducks it and D-Von hits a Spinning Elbow. Bubba picks up Cade and throws him in the ring. Bubba and D-Von stalks Cade. Cade starts to recover, he staggers, turns around and the Dudleyz hits a 3-D. Bubba goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winners: The Dudley Boyz in 9:42

Commercial Break

Jonathan Coachman is standing backstage with Scott Steiner.

Coach: I am now standing with Scott Steiner. Scott, you were defeated last night by Brock…

Steiner: That’s enough, Coach. Last night, the Freakzilla suffered a freak accident against Brock Lesnar, make no mistake about it. Brock Lesnar, last night, I lost concentration for a second and I paid the price. I’ll admit it, there’s some truth when you would claim that you’re the Next Big Thing. But that’s all there is to it; some truth. If there is anything I know from experience as an amateur wrestler, Brock, is that it’s hard to win against the same opponent in consecutive matches and that is what Freakzilla is going to prove to you. Holla, if ya hear me.

Steiner walks away.

Goldberg’s music plays and he makes his way out to the ring with the World Heavyweight Title around his waist. He gets a microphone.

Goldberg: You’re Next, that’s what I told Triple H after I won the Royal Rumble but all he did is laugh in my face. Believe the Hype, that’s what I told him last week on Raw and again he laughed at my face. But now, and only now, Triple H, after I beat you 1…2…3 in the middle of the ring and after I took your World Heavyweight Title away do you realize that the hype is very much real. I am the World Heavyweight Champion and I’ve got one question to all those guys in the locker room; Who’s Next?!

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Hall and Nash. He gets the microphone.

Triple H: Goldberg, I am not in the mood to argue right now. So I’m getting straight to the point. Give me my goddamned title rematch!!!

Goldberg: Why? Because you’re not in the mood for arguing, is that it?

Triple H: You damn well know why. I just took crap from my best friend and I damn sure not taking any crap from you.

Goldberg (sneering): You know, Shawn has a point. You do do it for yourself, Hunter, I mean, right now you bring your 2 Clique buddies with you and they’re probably the one getting hurt not you. What a friend you are.

Suddenly, Hall charges at Goldberg and gets thrown out. Nash goes for a Clothesline on Goldberg who ducks, runs into the ropes, bounces off it and Spears Nash down. Goldberg now looks at Triple H who takes off his T-Shirt looking ready to fight. Suddenly Bischoff appears at the top of the stage.

Bischoff: Calm down, both of you! This is the day after Wrestlemania, there’s a celebratory mood backstage in the locker room and I intend to keep it that way.

Triple H: Bischoff, if you’re smart, you’re going to give me that title rematch.

Bischoff: Triple H, you will get your title rematch. It’s just that, it’s not going to happen tonight. Because you see, tonight’s main event is scheduled to be Brock Lesnar vs. Scott Steiner and it’s too late to change that. However, next week’s Main Event is another business, because it will be Triple H facing Goldberg in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bischoff leaves as Goldberg and Triple H stares each other down.

Commercial Break

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage towards Bischoff’s office. The door is open and he can hear the conversation inside between Bischoff and Vince.

Vince: You’re getting better at being GM, Eric.

Bischoff: Thank you, sir.

Vince: Now where were we before you had to go out to handle that incident?

Bischoff: Hulk Hogan, sir.

Vince: Okay, what about him?

Bischoff: Mr. McMahon, I honestly cannot keep him away from the ring for long. I mean, he has to suspect something if I purposefully kept him away from the Wrestlemania card. I think you should let him wrestle, sir. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and his morale is down.

Vince: I’m afraid I can’t do that, Eric.

Bischoff: But why? With all due respect, sir, this is a wrestling company and you…

Vince (Lashing out): You’re damn right it’s a wrestling company but it’s my wrestling company, dammit!!! (Calm down) Hogan’s career is dead, Hulkamania is dead as far as I’m concerned and I’m not going to allow him anywhere near the ring.

Bischoff: If that’s the case, sir, at the very least you should fire him and let him look for a job somewhere else.

Vince: No. Hogan is still of some use. Tell me, Eric, he does attract a big crowd whenever he makes appearances right?

Bischoff: That’s true.

Vince: And his merchandise gets us a lot of profit?

Bischoff: True again, sir.

Vince: That’s why I’m keeping him on. Hulkamania is dead. Clinically dead, but I’m putting it on life support so I can continue making money from it.

Hogan looks very angry and he rips apart the paper with all the scheduled appearances.

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno
Overview: Solid match from the two superstars.
Ending: Rhyno signals for the Gore. Jericho staggers up, turns around, Rhyno runs at Jericho and Jericho Drop Toe Holds Rhyno into the turnbuckle. Jericho picks up Rhyno and gives him a Back Suplex. Jericho hits the Lionsault. Jericho goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winner: Chris Jericho in 7:23

Todd Grisham is standing by with Brock Lesnar.

Grisham: I am now standing with the ‘Next Big Thing’ Brock Lesnar and Brock, you are moments away from the Wrestlemania 19 rematch against Scott Steiner.

Lesnar: Freakzilla suffered a freak accident, Steiner? There is nothing accidental about what happened at Wrestlemania. A year ago today, I made my WWE debut and since then I’ve thrived on making an impact. I’ve beaten guys like Booker T, Chris Jericho, and Kane. You ask those guys, Steiner, if their defeat at my hands was accidental. No, there is nothing accidental about what I do to anyone who faces me. And if I prove that fact to you for the 2nd consecutive night, well, I’ve got 4 words for you; Here Comes the Pain.

Lesnar leaves.

Commercial Break

Vince and Bischoff are walking in the Parking Lot. They arrive at Vince’s limo and Bischoff opens the door.

Vince: It’s been a good night, Eric, I understand the Main Event’s going to start soon.

Bischoff: That’s right, sir.

Vince: I’d better be going soon; I’ve got a board meeting tomorrow.

Bischoff: Thank you for visiting, sir.

Vince gets in the limo, Bischoff closes the door and the limo leaves. Coach comes in with a microphone.

Coach: You called for an interview, Mr. Bischoff?

Bischoff: I did call you, but not to be interviewed. I call you because I have an announcement to make. After careful deliberation, I have decided to hold 16 men tournament which starts next week. It will be 4 matches from the first round next week, another 4 matches from the first round in 2 weeks, the Quarter Finals in 3 weeks, and the Semi-Finals and Final will happen at Backlash. Now, this will not just be another tournament because I will be giving a prize to the winner.

Bischoff leaves.

Coach: Wait a minute, what prize is the winner getting?

Match 6: Brock Lesnar vs. Scott Steiner
A ***1/4 effort from Lesnar and Steiner in this long TV match. Match starts off with Lesnar and Steiner showing off their Amateur Wrestling skill. The match grows from there to an exchange of strength in terms with Lesnar and Steiner exchanging Suplexes and Slams.
Ending: Steiner with the Steiner Reclines on Lesnar. Lesnar is in pain as Steiner puts pressure on Lesnar. Lesnar tries to lift Steiner but Steiner puts pressure. Lesnar trying to get his knees under him instead of behind him and does so. Lesnar lifts Steiner with Steiner still having the Recliner locked on. Lesnar rams Steiner back first into the turnbuckle and then steps forward to throw Steiner down by pulling him forward. Lesnar picks up Steiner, gut kicks him and gets an F5!!! Lesnar goes for the pin 1…2…3!!!
Winner: Brock Lesnar in 19:34 (Including Commercial Break)

Lesnar celebrates his victory up the ramp.

Fade to Black

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HBK vs Venis- A known win for HBK. Good match though giving Venis a chance to win the match hopefully he can get back up to his old postion.

RVD vs Booker T-I though Booker was going to win I was cheering for RVD and a good win for RVD.

Trish vs Kim-A good win for Trish and I like Jazz attacking her nice feud building.

Dudley Boyz vs Jindrak and Cade-I like BtBs that use the team of Jindrak & Cade. I was cheering on the Dudley Boyz and a great win for them.

Jericho vs Rhyno-Good match I was cheering on the man beast but Jericho picks up a great win.

Lesnar vs Scott Steiner-Great big man match. I didn't really know who was going to win but a very great win for Lesnar having the right guy win.

Overall 90/100 a great first show. Can't wait for the next show. My favorite promo was the Kane one.

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You were kind enough to say a few comments, so I will do the same. When I am back to normal again, you can expect full reviews from me as long as you do the same for me.

Introducing the draft is a nice way to start fresh. Bischoff is quite happy to attain HBK and then he ends up defeating Val Venis. I like Vince in this promo and it is cool to see that the GM is Stephanie.

I do not understand the HHH, Hall, and Nash thing but I did not know what the WWE was then, so it is natural.

Booker T and RVD look like they are going to feud and I wonder what the Image of the future will have to do with it.

Keep Hogan signing autographs and away from the ring please!

RVD wins but let the feud continue!

I see a match between Trish and Jazz at Backlash after the intervention.

Shawn has denied the clique I guess it is because the other three are not good enough for him. Let us see where this takes us.

Steiner will not have a setback.

Next week it is HHH and Goldberg but this week it is Lesnar and Goldberg. I do not know anything about Goldberg and Lesnar. All I know is that they had a feud that culminated into a very boring match at Wrestlemania XX and that they both retired the next day.

Hogan heard what was going on. It seems to me that Bischoff is face and that Vince is heel. Hogan and Vince in a match soon.

Sixteen man tournament and the winner receives............. to be answered?

Lesnar wins for the second night in a row.

Sorry for the short review, I am not in a normal mode. I like it all except for Goldberg as champ.

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I like your show a lot. You matches were to the point which is great and your promos were well developed.
The Vince McMahon segments were great. It was like having him do the show it was so realistic.
You have a great roster and I look forward to your other shows.

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Nice Review

Shawn Michaels vs Val Venis - 7/10 - Val is just a midcarder, why put him against Michaels unless you want Venis to be the jobber on your show

RVD vs Booker T - 8/10 - Wasnt the best but it was okay

Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim - 9/10 - Now that i enjoyed! Very good...like Trish picking up the win, nice seeing you continue the old Trish/Jazz feud!

Dudleys vs Cade & Jindrak - 6/10 - Not into the whole tag division thing, but its okay

Jericho vs Rhyno - 9/10 - pretty good

Lesnar vs Stenier - 10/10 - Great main event

That waaayy too many matches for a two hour show! But overall : 8/10! Keep up the good work, check out diva fan fictioN!

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Smackdown 3/4/2003
ARCO Arena, Sacramento, California

WWE Opening Credits

Smackdown Opening Credits

We see the pyros exploding and various shots of the crowd with people lifting up home-made signs

Cole: We are 4 days removed from Wrestlemania 19 where Kurt Angle emerged victorious and became the World Wrestling Entertainment Champion.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole, but the big news is that his Wrestlemania opponent, Shawn Michaels is no longer on the Smackdown roster; he’s moved to Raw as a result of the Draft Lottery that Mr. McMahon started Monday Night.

Angle’s music plays and the new WWE Champion make his way to the ring to cheers from the crowd. Inside the ring, Angle gets a microphone.

Angle: Last Sunday Night at Safeco Field, I was involved in what is one of the truly classic matches in wrestling history. Last Sunday Night I faced Shawn Michaels for the WWE Title. And as I pinned Shawn for the 3 count, I truly saw the significance of being the WWE Champion; something that I did not see the first couple of times that I held this belt. And that significance is the realization that when you win the WWE Title you are the top man in Sports and Entertainment. The first 2 times that I won this belt, I was young and all I cared about was winning but not now, not anymore. The last 2 times, I lost the belt too easily. This time, I’m not going to let this belt go easily. Because I’m going to use every last breath, every drop of sweat, and every drop of blood to hold on to this title.

Undertaker’s music plays and he comes out riding his motorcycle. He gets in the ring and gets a microphone.

Undertaker: You done talking, boy?

Angle: Yeah, I’m done talking.

Undertaker: Good, because I’m out here to challenge you for the WWE Title. I wanna see how committed you are to what you just said.

Angle: You want to know how committed I am? (Takes off his T-Shirt) What about I show…


Austin makes his way out to the ring. He poses on the 4 turnbuckle and then gets a microphone.

Austin: I was sitting at the back, minding my own business when I saw Kurt Angle on the screen talking about how important the WWE Title is to him. Then the sumbitch when on to say that he’s gonna fight to every last breath (What?!), to every drop of sweat (What?!), to every drop of blood (What?!), to every last shine in that bald head (What?!), to every thread in that Kurt Angle T-Shirt he just threw on the ground (What?!)…(Crowd claps as Angle and Undertaker look at the crowd). When good ol’ Stone Cold heard that, he thought to himself, when was the last time I was WWE Champion? I remembered that it was one night in December 2001, that I lost the WWE Title to Chris Jericho. That’s about 15 Months (What?!), 456 days (What?!), and 10944 hours (What?!) since I won the WWE Title. Now, if you ain’t figure out already, Kurt, I want a title shot against you, tonight.

Undertaker: Wait a minute, cue ball. I asked for that title shot fi…

Austin: If you want Kurt Angle to give Stone Cold Steve Austin a Title shot, give me a Hell Yeah!

Crowd: Hell Yeah!

Austin: What?!

Crowd: Hell Yeah!

Austin: What?!

Rock’s music plays and he makes his way out to the ring.

Rock: Reluctantly, The Rock has come back to Sacramento. The Rock walks in the ring and he sees 2 Jabronies wanting a title shot. Well The Rock says this, Undertaker and especially you, Stone Cold, don’t deserve a title shot. Stone Cold, at Wrestlemania 19, you got your ass whooped by the Great One himself and The Rock is not going to waste any more breath on you. Undertaker, at Wrestlemania, you beat your brother Kane but so what? You’ve beaten him before, so there’s nothing special about it.

Undertaker: Watch it, boy.

Angle: And what makes you so special, Rock? You want a title shot, I know that. But what makes you so different from Undertaker and Stone Cold?

Rock: You’re smarter than what The Rock thought, Kurt. You see, there is a thorn in The Rock’s side before Wrestlemania 19 and that is the fact that he had not beaten Stone Cold. The Rock knows he can beat Triple H, The Rock knows that he can beat Undertaker, and The Rock knows that he can beat…you (points to Kurt). But The Rock is not sure that he can beat Stone Cold Steve Austin. At Wrestlemania 19, for the first time in his career, The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin. That is why, Jabroni, The Rock deserve that WWE Title Shot.

Rock and Angle stare each other down when Stephanie McMahon’s music plays and she appears at the top of the stage.

Stephanie: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let me just say that standing in the ring right now are 4 of Smackdown’s greatest Superstars and that the 3 aspiring challengers deserve a title shot. But the decision as who can get the title shot belongs to me. Don’t look so worried, gentlemen, I will make it as fair as possible because tonight in that ring it will be Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker vs. The Rock in a 4 Corners Match. But there will be special stipulations for this 4 Corners Match. Rock, Stone Cold, and Undertaker, should any of you get the pinfall, you will get a shot at Kurt Angle next week. Kurt, should you get the pinfall, you get to decide on who your first challenger for the WWE Title should be. That will be all.

Angle, Rock, Austin, and Undertaker stares at each other.

Commercial Break

Tonight: World’s Greatest Tag Team defends the WWE Tag Titles against Los Guerreros

Marc Lloyd is standing by with AJ Styles.

Marc Lloyd: AJ, last Sunday Night you lost the Cruiserweight Title to Rey Mysterio. Can we get any comments?

AJ: Well, Marc, Rey beat me fair and square 1,2,3 and I’m not gonna take that away from him. But to tell you the truth, Marc, I think my defeat to Rey is a blessing in disguise for me.

Lloyd: A blessing in disguise?

AJ: Yeah, I just got this feeling that by losing the Cruiserweight Title, I’ve been given the chance to go beyond the Cruiserweight division and maybe even…

There is laughter in the background. The camera pans to the right and we see Bill Demott.

Demott: Oh man, I never knew you were such a comedian, AJ. But come on, AJ, let’s be serious here. You’re a good athlete and all but with your size, there is no way you can go beyond the Cruiserweight Division.

AJ: Really? Hey, Bill, you don’t have a match tonight, don’t you?

Demott: Yeah.

AJ: Laugh at me all you want, but tonight, I’m gonna show you what I can do in the ring.

Demott (Looking at AJ with an underestimating expression): Fine with me if you’re that desperate to get beaten up.

Demott leaves.

Match 1: Chris Benoit vs. Hardcore Holly
Overview: A very stiff match between these two with an exchange of EXTREMELY stiff chops as the main highlight of the match.
Ending: Holly goes for the Alabama Slam, Benoit rolls through and takes Holly down with a Sunset Flip. Benoit holds on for the pin 1…2 and Holly kicks out. Benoit recovers, Holly recovers, and Benoit hooks the Crossface in. Holly is in pain, Benoit puts more pressure in and Holly taps out.
Winner: Chris Benoit in 7:50

Commercial Break

Match 2: Cruiserweight Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Shannon Moore
Overview: A nice title defense for Rey Mysterio. Moore gave Mysterio a bit of trouble at the start, but the Champ came through at the end.
Ending: Moore goes for a Tornado DDT off the turnbuckle on Mysterio. Moore jumps but Mysterio throws him down. Moore recovers straight away and charges at Mysterio who gives him a Drop Toe Hold onto the 2nd rope. Mysterio bounces off the ropes runs and hits the 619. Moore flops back as Mysterio hits a Springboard Leg Drop. Mysterio goes for the pin, 1…2…3
Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio at 10:02

Backstage, Matt is watching this match and shaking his head at Moore’s defeat.

Backstage, Eddie is tying up his boots. Chavo is pacing the locker room looking worried.

Eddie: What’s wrong with you, Chavito? You’ve been pacing around all day, esse.

Chavo: Come on, Eddie, you know why. It’s the Draft Lottery. Mr. McMahon said no one is safe in this Draft Lottery.

Edie: I know that, esse, why?

Chavo: Why? What do you mean why? Los Guerreros would have to disband if one of us gets drafted to Raw.

Eddie: Chavito, lighten up, homes. It’s an exciting thing, it’s all luck of the draw. It’s not like we’re getting forced to disband.

Eddie continues to tie up his boots as Chavo continues to pace.

Chavo: You know we could avoid being broken up by winning the Tag Titles tonight.

Eddie: What are you talking about, homes?

Chavo: If we become Tag Team Champions, there’s no way we’re going to get drafted to Raw. Even if we do, there’s no way Ms. McMahon will let go the Tag Team Champions of Smackdown.

Eddie: I got to admit, Chavito, that’s a good idea.

Chavo: Of course it’s a good idea, Eddie, I’m a Guerrero, I think up of good ideas.

Commercial Break

An RNN logo appears on the screen.

Randy Orton is shown lifting weights in the gym. He looks to the mirror and his reflection in the mirror is looking at us.

Orton: Hello, Orton fans and welcome to this Randy News Network Update. First of all, I would like to thank well-wishers especially those who have taken the time to send get well soon cards to me. Now we go to the main news, Randy Orton’s shoulder strength is now back to 100% and he is expected to make his long awaited return to Smackdown in the next month or so. This has been another update from RNN. (Smiles)

Match 3: AJ Styles vs. Bill Demott
Overview: Demott’s underestimation of AJ backfired. The former TNA man dominated the match and Demott resorted to a Low Blow behind the referee’s back to take control of the match.
Ending: Demott with Chops to AJ who has his back to the turnbuckle. Demott lifts AJ up and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Demott climbs up going for the Superplex, but AJ fights back with right hands. AJ with right hands to Demott’s face and Demott falls back to the mat. AJ stands up on the turnbuckle and hits the Spiral Tap. AJ thinks that’s not enough, he picks up Demott and hits the Styles Clash. AJ goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winner: AJ Styles in 8:42

Shannon Moore is walking backstage, still selling the effects of his match against Rey Mysterio. He bumps into Matt Hardy.

Moore: Sensei, I can explain...

Hardy: You haven't fully implemented Mattitude yet, Shannon, that's why you lost.

Moore: I'm sorry, Sensei.

Hardy: There is no need to be sorry, as the Supreme Sensei of Mattitude, I will redeem you. I just came out of Ms. McMahon's office, she has kindly given me a Cruiserweight Title shot against Rey Mysterio next week. Now let's go, we got meditation time.

Moore: Yes, Sensei

Commercial Break

Edge is backstage, looking very serious

Edge: Everyone’s been talking about the Draft Lottery in the Smackdown Locker Room. Some people are excited about the unpredictability, some people hope that they can move to Raw to face new opponents, some hate Smackdown and want to leave for Raw, and others want to stay put. Well, I don’t belong to those 3 groups. I’m just here to serve notice to the other WWE superstars. Whether you are a Raw superstar coming here to Smackdown, or whether you are a member of the Raw Roster staying put on Raw, I don’t care who you are, I’m just going to tell you one thing: Edge is ready to prove himself, and he’s not going to let anyone get in his way.

Match 4: WWE Tag Titles: World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Los Guerreros
Overview: Chavo’s anxiety to keep the Guerreros together by winning the Tag Titles showed in this long TV match. In all the times that Chavo was in the ring, we would literally go until he was to puffed to continue before tagging in. The WGTT seems to have trouble coping.
Ending: Chavo and Haas are down. Eddie and Benjamin are cheering their partners on. Haas starts to crawl towards Benjamin. Chavo also starts to crawl towards Haas. Eddie is telling Chavo to come back to their corner. Haas tags in Benjamin who comes and immediately Clotheslines down Chavo. Eddie comes in. Benjamin goes for a Gut Kick, Eddie catches it, spins it around, and Benjamin hits Eddie with his Spinning Kick. Chavo tries to prop himself up in the ropes but Haas picks him up by the leg. Benjamin bounces off the ropes, leapfrogs Haas and lands on Chavo’s back. Benjamin goes for the pin 1…2…Eddie climbs back in the ring…3
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: World’s Greatest Tag Team in 14:54 (Including Commercial Break)

Commercial Break

Al Snow, Maven and several wrestlers from OVW are practicing in the ring. The wrestlers from OVW include Nick Dinsmore, Johnny Hennigan, Nova, John Heidenreich. They were practicing bumping when Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and the GM makes her way down to the ring. Stephanie gets the microphone.

Stephanie: Al, Maven, gentlemen. I know I promised to all of you that you will get 10 minutes in front of the crowd and I know it’s especially important for you (Looks at OVW trainees) to know what it feels like to be in front of a crowd. But I just have to cut the time short, because the Smackdown Draft Pick has arrived and I want to give him a debut match just like Eric Bischoff gave Shawn Michaels a debut match. Al, would you mind giving this Draft Pick his first match on Smackdown.

Snow (off-microphone): Not at all.

Snow warms up, the OVW trainees looks excited and surrounds the ring.

Stephanie: Without further ado, here it is, the first Smackdown Draft Pick.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he makes his way down to the ring. Snow looks scared as Lesnar gets in the ring. Stephanie calls for a referee.

Match 5: Brock Lesnar vs. Al Snow
Overview: At first Snow thought that using his speed could put Lesnar off-track. But Lesnar showed surprising speed for someone his size.
Ending: Snow with a Drop Toe Hold on Lesnar. Snow climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Lesnar to get up. Lesnar stands up, turns around and Snow goes for a Crossbody but Lesnar catches Snow. Using incredible strength, Lesnar throws Snow up and catches him on his shoulder and then delivers the F5. Lesnar goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winner: Brock Lesnar in 5:07

Lesnar celebrates as the Smackdown Locker Room watches the monitor intently.

Back in the ring, Maven is talking to Stephanie. The camera catches their conversation.

Maven: Let me have a go at him.

Stephanie: You want to have a go?

Maven: Let me have a go.

Stephanie shrugs and calls Lesnawho is already at the ramp, back.

Match 6: Brock Lesnar vs. Maven
Overview: Maven tries to use his speed. Lesnar, this time learning from his experience from Snow’s speed matches up well with Maven.
Ending: Lesnar Irish Whips Maven and goes for a Clothesline. Maven ducks it, bounces off the ropes, charges at Lesnar, Lesnar with a Leapfrog, Maven bounces off the ropes and runs at Lesnar who has his back to him. Lesnar Leapfrogs (!) Maven while he has his back to the Tough Enough Champion. Maven is surprised by this and turns around. Lesnar with a gut kick and an F5. Lesnar goes for the pin 1…2…3
Winner: Brock Lesnar in 4:45

Lesnar celebrates.

Raw Rebound:
-Shawn Michaels gets drafted to Raw
-Shawn Michaels’ confrontation with the Clique
-Goldberg’s confrontation with Triple H
-Brock Lesnar vs. Scott Steiner

Next Week:
World Heavyweight Title: Goldberg vs. Triple H
The beginning of Bischoff’s 16 Men Tournament

Commercial Break

Match 7: Kurt Angle vs. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker in a Non-Title 4 Corners Match
Overview: A great Main Event match with good reaction from the crowd. Austin seems to be trying the hardest in the match, after a defeat to The Rock at Wrestlemania 19, he has something to prove to everyone. Undertaker seems to be determined to get Angle in the ring. Angle seems to be relaxed while Rock ended up being subject to double-teaming by Austin and Undertaker.
Ending: Angle with an Angle Slam on Rock. Angle takes off the straps of his wrestling tights getting ready for the Anklelock. Austin tags himself in while Undertaker reaches to Rock enough to tag himself in. Austin gives Undertaker right hands and goes to Irish Whip him, Undertaker reverses, goes for a Clothesline, Austin ducks bounces off the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz Press. Austin bounces off the ropes and hits an Austin Elbow. Angle gets in the ring, unhappy about being blind-tagged. Referee gets in his way. Austin looks at Angle who finally turns around to go back to his corner. Austin turns Angle around and gives him a Stunner. Austin turns around as Undertaker goes for a Clothesline, Austin ducks it and gets a Stunner on Undertaker. Austin goes for the pin 1…2…3 and Austin gets a title shot at Angle next week.
Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin in 16:54 (Including Commercial Breaks)

Rock recovers and cannot belief that he lost the match. Austin asks for his beers and leaves the ring immediately. Angle recovers and looks straight into Austin who toasts him.

Fade to Black

Velocity Results:
John Cena defeats Goldust
Tajiri defeats Jamie Noble
Batista defeats Al Snow

Sunday Night Heat Results:
A-Train defeats Steven Richards
Jazz defeats Victoria
Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan defeats Rosey and Jamal

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hey those were two very good shows, liking whats going on with the Kliq on RAW, desencion in the ranks and also the tournament. On SD! I am liking the Angle/Austin/Rock/Taker and hope you get another Fatal-4-Way on a PPV with these four as that would put alot of butts in seats. Will fully review your next show.

Chopped Liver
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I'll be getting to full reviews soon, but right now, I'm too sick, and too busy to leave a review. Some hot feuds starting up though.

I dont see Goldbergs title reign lasting too long tbh, I reckon he might just be a transitional champion.

20 minutes between Lesnar and Steiner is a little too long imo, but everything else is shaping up well.

I like the situation shaping up between Triple H & Shawn Michaels. I wonder how it'll turn out in the end. Should be good to watch it unfold.

Lesnar and Michaels switching shows is a good trade off, and hopefully both brands get the best from this trading season.

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Two very good shows there, and it is seems you have carried on with being as good a booker as you were before you left your old thread. Both shows were very good, with some good promos, which really captured the characters well. They set up the feuds, and i can see some good matches coming soon. The situation between HBK and the clique will be good to see, and i dont know what will happen. The tournament will be a good one, and i think that it is the IC title that will return. The draft lottery will be good, and the trades so far have been excellent. The matches all did their job of building up the right people, and austin/angle next week will be great.
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