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Where is Goldust?

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Anyone know what's been up with Goldust? I haven't seen him on Raw since his mini-feud with Dibiase and haven't read about him in house show results in ages.

I'm a big fan of him. He can still put on bad ass matches, has a sick finisher, and is great for hilarious backstage segments/promos. I would mark hard if they would have a series of backstage run-ins between him and Booker T for old time's sake.
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Damn, that sucks I had no idea. Hope to see him back soon.

How sick would a tag team with the new Cody Rhodes character be?!
I think it would be terrible, Cody is doing just fine as he is making the best out of a very mid card gimmick, there is no need to plunge him into a ridiculous gimmick tag team
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