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Where did WCW & WWE go wrong with Goldberg

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Goldberg was so hot when he won the WCW Title from Hulk Hogan in July 1998, that it seemed, he would rule WCW forever. But once he lost the title for Kevin Nash at Starrcade 98, and then the Hogan/Nash Fiasco at Nitro the following week, he never got his momentum back. In fact it would be the only time Goldberg was WCW Heavyweight Champion, the same number as Vince Russo & David Arquette.

So where did WCW go wrong? Should Goldberg have never lost at Starrcade? Should he have regained the title instead of the Hogan/Nash incident? Should he have won the WCW Title from Bret Hart at Starrcade 99 instead of leading to NWO 2000?

Then he comes to WWE the day after WM XIX, and never really got going. He had a way too long match with The Rock at Backlash, then feuded with Chris Jericho on his way to Summerslam and the Elimination Chamber where he got beat by HHH. He won the World title the month after but by then it was too late.

Was it too late by 2003 when WWE brought in Goldberg, or could they have done more with him?
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Once he lost to Nash he lost that thing that made him special. He lost that aura that made people get into him and then they just fucked up his character from that point onward. WWE the first thing they did with him having Goldust put the wig on him was the worst way to kick off his run with WWE. I never really saw issue with his whole WWE run until the Brock matched bombed at Mania XX. I guess we all just blame HHH because Goldberg was another guy who was given to HHH during the supposed "Reign Of Terror"
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