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When will Semi finals take place?(brief spoilers)

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Smackdown had three qualifying matches(qualifying for QF),in which Kalisto(yay),Del Rio and Neville won.It seems the QF will take place on Raw(next Monday ) but will Semi take place on next smackdown?I'm asking because Semi Finals has the big names involved(Most likely Reigns,Del Rio,Owens Ambrose) thats why it seems a bit weird to have semi finals on Smackdown

Where would you like the Semi's to take place?Raw or Smackdown or Survivor Series
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There are 4 quarterfinal matches left. 2 will be on RAW and 2 will be on SD. SurSer will have the semifinal and final matches. This is just me using my common sense.
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Hopefully but this is the WWE.You can expect them to fill 4 QF at Raw,and Semis at SD(dammit.We need more viewers at Smackdown.:vince5).
LOL it's possible but it doesn't seem like SS will have the traditional 5-on-5 match, so they need the semi-finals to make up for it. (filler)
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