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When top stars retire...

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People always say that the top stars when they retire they should put over younger talent. I remember once hearing that Undertaker should put over Wade Barrett. Someone also said that Ric Flair should retire agaisnt a guy like MVP Or Mr Kennedy.

Dont people realise that top stars will always retire against other top stars. And I am not hating on that because I understand they want a special moment but when people say that when someone retires it should be against a mid-carder or future main-eventer, its never going to happen.

Ric Flair retired against HBK
HBK retired against Undertaker
JBL retired against Rey Mysterio
HHH (Retired? not sure) against Lesnar
The Rock returned and went straigh to Main event against an already established star in John Cena. If Rock is going to retire it will probably be against Cena.

I think the only person who would come back for one more match, and put over Punk is Stone Cold. At the end of the day the top stars are not going to want to leave against people who arent as established as them. The only person who gets that gratitude is Chris Jericho, and I think that was good of him for his persumably last match for a while against a young talent like Ziggler.

Do you agree?
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The problem is that WWE has been feeding cena midcarders for almost a entire decade, nobody besides mister superman looks big enough to face the rock or stone cold one vs one.

Who gonna end taker's streak? sheamus?

:hhh:hhh:hhh "wrestlemania, in the middle of the ring"
I see where you are coming from with this, but i cant say i agree with it. theres to side two it really, the top guys want and deserve to go out on top in a big time match, and theres nothing wrong with that, they spent 10-20 years working hard and they deserve a good send off, but at the same time, i feel the lack of big stars today is to do with a lot of guys retiring without putting over the young guys.

Think about Austin i couldn't see him becoming the big star he was without Shawn and Bret putting him over the first time he left same with Rock putting over Brock, Brock was big but he needed that one big win and Rock gave him that, made him a star over night, and say what you want about Triple H, but would Cena and Batista have made it without the rub Triple H gave them at Maina.

Cant remember who side it but they said "You should always leave looking up at the lights" and i agree with that, you should always leave putting over the guy who's going to follow in your footsteps.
I don't think Jericho or HHH are retiring soon to be honest, HHH is always gonna be behind the scenes and I'm sure will stick to his plan of wrestling every 3 to 4 months. Ditto with Jericho, when he's not on tour, why not get a fat paycheck from the WWE? He's obviously still in shape.

Also, I'm pretty sure we're going to see a few more Rock matches as well.

Back to the Jericho thing though, losing his career to Ziggler in a last minute stipulation on RAW is not really a good way to retire, I'm fairly certain he will do something bigger than that when he does retire.
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