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when rock comes to raw live

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Okay who thinks that rock coming to raw live to fight miz and cena is due to the fact that vince brokered a deal with rock....so now we will get a triple threat at mania. There has been way to much between these 3....especially last night with what miz pulled.There was No mention of the rock being guest host durring mania ads last night(u know the wwe would push the heck out of it). My take is: in the history of wrestling when a man shows up to fight to others it leads to a match. Rock showing up to fight on raw coming up is a sign that he will be wrestling at mania...afterall you think cena and miz get their asses handed to them (next raw) and say "ok rock thankyou for the ass whoopn...good luck with hosting mania"

If rock was only going to host mania....they would be saving this confrontation/fight between these 3 for mania (to get more buys)....however now it seems to be going for a trip threat-thus start getting physical to build it up. think about it