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When Managers Got Served

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One thing that it seems like wrestling is missing today, and that is a lot of good managers. Dutch Mantell/Zeb Colter does a decent job as the mouthpiece of Jack Swagger, and there's Paul Heyman. Otherwise, not many managers out there really get our attention and hold it. Back in the day, there were a lot of great managers that got their charges the heat they were looking for. General Skandor Akbar, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Slick, J.J. Dillon, Jim Cornette, Jimmy Hart, etc...are among a few managers that really got a lot of hate for their talent.

One of the fun moments in wrestling was watching a manager get their ass kicked when the hero got a hold of them. Couple of my favorite moments watching back then shall follow.

Jim Cornette is celebrating with the Midnight Express after winning the Mid-South tag team titles when somebody came along and ruined the party.

Ole Anderson and Thunderbolt Patterson are being interviewed by Gordon Solie when "The Mouth of the South", Jimmy Hart, comes out and gets under Ole's skin.
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Yeah, you're totally right, I thought it was a shame when AW went, cause he was kinda old school too, and I think he would have developed into something great, he reminded me of Jimmy Hart in certain ways, with his performance.

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Yep, great posts.

I remember the cake angle playing out in Memphis as well with Jimmy Hart.
I can also remember him being tarred and feathered, fond memories.

I remember back in the day that a good manager like Eddie Cretchman, Hennan, Akbar, Gary Hart, Percy Pringle, and Jimmy Hart could be the main heel in a company and stay for many years rotating the men under their charge. This built long heat drawing fueds that kept things fresh while continually building on the heat and rivalry in the area.
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