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When did HHH show up on your radar as a potential major player/serious character?

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Of course he has been here since 95, but when did you really begin to view him as a potential player?

For me it was mid 1999 when he was in the Corporate ministry.

Something about his Black pants with the silver designs really drew me in. It was a different serious look for him.

Then when he switched to the trunks I really started to take him as a more serious character
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When he took over DX you knew he was a potential player down the road. When he split you knew he'd be champ. When he kayfaybe hooked up with Stephanie was the moment you knew he was a serious Main Eventer. AE was McMahon centric and everyone really needed that McMahon bump to say they've officially arrived.
To be honest Triple H would no longer be in WWE if he didn't marry Stephanie.
Big Show and Kane say hi.
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